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My first week experience in Madrid!

Published by adnan ali — one year ago

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My Adrenaline was rushing for the last few days before I left to madrid, not knowing the culture, the food habits and ofcourse the language of the natives(spanish). I was hoping that everything will turn out to be fine and thankfully now that am here I find it has actually surpassed my expectations. Madrid first of all has been kind to me with its weather, it has been sunny and warm in october. And second of all the people are super friendly and amazing!. I absolutely love Spaniard as they are helpful even though some(infact many) don't speak english. What makes madrid stand aparr from other European cities is how madrid comes alive at the night time!. The Night life in madrid is amazing and crazy. Many pubs open specifically after 8 and people(mainly the youth) party till 4 or 5 in the morning.


Apart from partying, I found out that the public transport system especially the metro is well connected throughout the city and majority of the public use metros to reach their destination faster and cheaper. There are also plenty of buses plying around the city and the best part about travelling in public transport system in Madrid is that if you are below 26 it costs you just 20€ a month for your travel card. I would definitely recommend anyone to pay a visit to citylife Madrid office near Gran via metro station as it is a one stop solution to many of your problem.


Coming to the food aspects, if you are a student and have a tight budget, I would recommend you to shop your groceries in Mercadona where the items are super cheap compared to other markets. For stationeries visit Tiger outlets.

Madrid is basically a multi-national environment in itself. You have people from various communities coming here and you can pretty much find anything from any country. Lavapies is where you find some Groceries for Indians. Atleast thats where I come from!. Well so far thats my experience in madrid in my very first week. I hope I will have great memories and make lots of new friends in days to come.!

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