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How to prepare yourself for Erasmus?

Published by flag-yu f f — 3 years ago

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Hello guys!

Today I'm gonna write a little bit about Madrid and much more about preparing yourself for this journey. First of all, the title is How to prepare... but the truth is I don't know.. well, at least not exactly. Let's suppose that you successfully applied for university and got accepted. You are gonna leave your home for at least 3 months, in my case, for 6 months. First it's gonna come shock. Congrats, that means that you are in phase 1 or on your 1st level. Next one is panicking, but hey, that's alright, your jorney is just about to began!

This is my story in rought lines. After I got accepted by UPM, Politecnical University in Madrid, I started to look for accommodation immediately and I did it in next two months unsuccessfully. I have a feeling like there were not a place, room, number of land lord or lady that I would not recognize. I searched it upside down. I was sending more than 50 email during the day, and in the evening I was getting maybe not even two negative answers. I was using site idealista.com the most, and that payed off maybe three days before my come in Madrid.

With all that searching for accommodation problem, I had a lot of learning that I had to finish in Serbia, because at that period I had exams plus applying for Spanish visa, waiting for one, moving all my stuff from student dorm in my home town, buying airplane tickets and how to do that without having accomodation and so on...

Yes, I cried a lot, but I was laughing even more. I came from this as braver and more resourceful person who is absolutely unable to say no to any challange now. Anyone is able to find the way. I guess getting blonde also helped (that happened in the meantime) :)) I hope I'm gonna write about every of this lines more.. if you need any help or have any question, I would be more than happy to help. I'm gonna post couple of pictures from my first days in Madrid. Enjoy the rest of you day and thanks! :)

With love,


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