Erasumus experience in Madrid, Spain by Emma

Why did you choose to go to Madrid in Spain?

I chose Madrid because i already knew the city a little and I really liked it.

Ever since I returned to France, i can't cait to go back and therefore I'll probably do my second semester internship in Madrid. Its a beautiful city that moves a lot and where people are welcoming and try to help you as much as they can. Its completly different from Paris.

How long does the scholarship lasts? What's the amount of the help you receive?

I went for a semester so my scholarship started in the beggining of september until the end of december but it was reajusted since I had to stay one more month for exams. Its approximately a 900€ scholarship but it can change if the class period is ajusted.

How is the student life like in Madrid?

The student life is very nice.

Would you recomend to other students the city and University of Madrid?

Yes, absolutely.

How is the food in that country?

It is delicious, there are many local dishes that one must try.

Did you have trouble finding an accomodation in Madrid?

No not really, there are many platforms to fin lodging such as Homii or Uniplaces.

What is the cost of living in Madrid?

Madrid is expensive to go out in evenings (clubs or some restaurants) and for rent but the rest is pretty affordable. There are many places where one can eat for less then 5€.

Is it easy to understand the language? Did you go to language lessons organised by the university?

I didn't take any language lesson by it is very easy to understand, one just need to get used to how fast Spanish people speak. But the teachers and everyone pay more attention when they know that we are not spanish. They talk slower and more clearly.

What is the most economic way to travel from your city to Madrid?

I live in Paris so however you travel it is still pretty expensive when it is last minute. Travelling by plane is still the fastest and quickest way. Then I met girls from Toulouse that took the overnight bus to return home and that costed them almost nothing. Therefore, it depends on where you are from but it stays affordable if you plan in advance.

What places would you recomend to party in Madrid?

There are many places to party. One of the nicest club is the Teatro Kapital which is a 7 floor club in an old theatre and the surroundings are just gorgeous. There are also many rooftops such as the Riu Hotel one or the NH Collection of Gran via where you can see the sunset and have a drink with a vue of all of Maddrid, it is very nice.

And to eat in Madrid? What are you farovite places?

There are indoor markets to eat such as the one of San Miguel where you can eat local dishes and grab a drink for cheap.

What are the cultural places that one must see?

The Thyssen, Prado and Reina Sofia museums are musts. One also must go see the Royal Palace and the ruins.

Do you have any advice towards the future students who will soon go to Madrid?

Go there and enjoy yourself as much as you can because time flies by. Don't be scared to make a mistake while talking, people are caring and very welcoming towards French people. It's just an amazing experience.


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