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The Coliseum Theatre

Whilst in Madrid, I had the opportunity to go and see a musical in the Coliseum Theatre on Gran Vía which makes you laugh and cry. It was a great experience, and one that I would repeat without a doubt. I would highly recommend seeing this musical, especially for the venue.

The Coliseum Theatre isn't very big but it is very tall, so it doesn't have many rows of seats but there are over two floors (the stalls and the balconies). Therefore, even from the back of the theatre, you have a good view of the stage, however I wouldn't recommend sitting there if you suffer from acrophobia. It is extremely high, and although you can see the stage from up high, of course you cannot see the faces of the actors clearly. However, this didn't bother me personally.


The theatre's interior is very beautiful, it is well decorated and modern. However, some parts seem to be more neglected, for instance, the bathrooms. None of the lights were working and there was no toilet paper (at least this was my personal experience). The reception of audience members by staff was pleasant, the only thing that disappointed me slightly was blatant attempt at getting money at every opportunity: the bar, the selling of programs (not included in ticket price), the doubling of prices for seats two rows in front, etc.

The acoustics are great, you can hear very well and its not affected by being seated up high. I think that if I were to go again, perhaps I would even pay a little less to be first row of the balcony above, but that is all I would change. I wouldn't pay more to be a few rows in front. In the stalls I don't see a difference in being seated at the back or in the middle. But well, I suppose that could be because I wasn't seated there.

The show starts punctually at the time stated, so arrive on time!

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