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Erasmus Experience in Lodz, Poland shared by Nurullah

Why did you choose to go to a Poland city?

It's geographic location is good and it is close to a lot of countries and the capital. It is the third biggest city in Poland.


For how long did you have a scholarship? How much money was given to you for your expenses?

10 months of scholarship, I will receive 3000€.

How is the student life in Lodz?

Student life is at a good level. There are a lot of students from different countries and continents.

Would you recommend the city Lodz and the universities there to other students?

I would.

Did it cost a lot to find a home in Lodz?

I am staying at the university dormitory.

What is the cost of living in Lodz?

You could live with 2000zl or 500€ a month.

Was it easy coping up with the language? Were there any language courses in the university?

English is enough. There are language courses.

What is the easiest and cheapest way to go to Lodz from your city?

Istanbul-Berlin flight. Berlin-Lodz could be cheaper with a bus.

Which places do you recommend for a night out in Lodz?

As a nigh club and disco; Lordis and Czekolada is always ahead. As a pub and bar; Fabryka Krawatow and Irish pub.

Which restaurants do you recommend in Lodz?

Turkish barbeque restaurant, Manekin.

What kind of places are there to see?

Everything in Pietrowska could be seen.

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