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Jardim zoologico de Lisboa and oceanarium

During my traineeship period in Portugal, i had the chance to discover the splendid city Lisbon. The best way to discover all the amazing places around the city is walking which allows to meet new poeple, know more good unfogrettable restaurants and clubs, and do many awesome activities. While we were walking, my friend and i discovered a very funny and cool mean of transportation that was the tuc tuc. 

The tuc tuc is mainly used in asian countries to transport poeple for not so long distances like india, indonesia, bangladesh. a non covered tuc tuc suddenly stopped in front of us and was negociating with us a trip, since this small mean of transportation was so amazing, we decided to take this adventure and we negociated with him to go to the zoological parc called jardim zoologico in portuguese for 15 euros while enjoying the best ride inside the city narrow streets.

1- Jardim zoologico

One of the best attractions in Lisbon is the zoological parc also called jardim zoologico de Lisboa that can be reached by car or by metro from any station to the station called also Jardim zoologico for only 2 euros. The entrance to this zoological parc cost 20 euros per adult person, and it is not very far from the commercial center Colombo. A show of daulphins can be discovered in the first as they have an exact time to be seen, the first show at 11am and the second one and final one in the day is at 3 pm. The daulphins are very well trained and did so amazing acrobaties in the air then splasing into water under the clapping of the public. These very trained animals can recognise very well their trainers and are so cutely behaving, if poeple want to go swim with them it is also possible for 65 euros poeple can try an amazing journey with daulphins by touching them and swimming with them. Then we could discover many great animals such as one very spectacular monkey that was doing the show and jumping from a tree to another while making many great acrobaties in the air. Then we discovered also the cages of colourful and amazing birds like parrots, also we discovered wild animals that were very impressive for us by their dominating presence like lions, cheetah and tigers.


The animals of the more cold climate like penguins and seals were also there , we were also impressed to see the wild brown bears that i did not see in other zoologic parcs before. The parc offered also the possibility to do trips by the teleferic to see the whole parc it was an amazing experience but also a bit dangerous since no security ropes existed for us also it was not suitable for poeple suffering from the diziness from highest places..


2- The Oceanarium

The oceanarium is the second most famous attraction since it includes a lot of modern equipment. It is located in very modern and beautiful district of the city Lisbon called Oriente. It is all newly constructed with new malls like the Vasco da Gama commercial center as reference to the most long bridge in front of it Vasco da Gama that is contructed on almost 17 kilometres on the river Tage to connect between the two sides of Lisbon. We can also find the Casino de Lisbon and the teleferic station as well with beautiful gardens in this amazing place.

The Oceanarium is located exaclty near the teleferic station so poeple can find it by the station Lisboa Oriente. The entrance to the oceanarium cost 17 euros per adult person and is really very worthy to visit. In fact in the first entrance of the building already sounds of ocean, water and some daulphin sounds welcomed us in very cool way.

The basins of coloured fishes were exposed like the ones everyone use to have inside home, also basins of many penguins were exposed before getting into a very big area where we were impressed by a very big aquarium. we were actually in the bottom of a geant aquarium where sharks were the most abundant inside accompanied by small fishes and multiple and varied fishes circulating in harmony. We could distinguish many types of sharks like for example  the Blacktip shark, hammerhead sharks and nurse sharks. In the final part of the parc we could see many amazing never seen types of fishes and every fish was distingueshed by the type of ocean it was collected from, like the atlantic ocean, the indian ocean or the pacific ocean.


Pavilhão Atlântico is also a huge space for concerts hold also by the most famous singers and it is located near the aquarium. 

3- Teleferic of Lisbon

Near the Oceanarium there is constructed a station of teleferic that gives the most splendid view ever from the up, the go and come back cost 6 euros but it is very worthy to try especially that all the way is made above the Tage river and with site views mainly on the vasco da Gama bridge and to the two huge tours in the both sides of an amazing garden very beautiful with flowers all around. The trip, lasting almost 8-12 minutes, it presents travels in a beautiful and peaceful journey on the Tagus, offering, at thirty meters of altitude, a superb panorama of the Parque das Nações. We can see the Océanarium from far away, the Doca dos Olivais, also the Pavilion of Portugal and its huge Atlantic Pavilion.

The Pavilion of the FIL (International Fair of Lisbon) is also seen from the major place of Parque das Nações we can also distinguish the train station for all destinations the Oriente station, the towers S. Gabriel and S. Rafael, and we can not forget also the Vasco da Gama tower that is excatly in front of the Vasco da Gama bridge.

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