215 € / month (+ 75 € bills)

Room available in Leipziger Project House


The Schwarz10 Project House is host to two non-profit projects and the
people who work in them. In addition, there are two guest rooms. The
projects are (1) Rockzipfel Parent-Child Offices and (2) Pizzalab, a
vegan pizzeria which donates its profits to sustainability projects.

The house is 15 minutes from the city center by tram. For better or
worse, there is a tram stop on the same block. Bikes may be parked in
the courtyard behind the house. Smoking is not permitted inside the

There are no proper apartments in this 4 storey building. It's used as
one big groovy house. There are about ten people living in the house
at any one time. English, German, Spanish, and French are the primary
languages. The house is a lively place, with new faces and events
every week. There is always some DIY renovation project going on
somewhere. On the ground floor is a performance/party/meeting
space. During the day, it's used as an open office.

The guest room in this ad is on the 2nd floor. There is a kitchen and
a dining room on this floor for the guest rooms. However, this is not
an isolated apartment. It's just an area in the house. During the
winter, each guest room is heated with its own furnace. There are two
washing machines on diferent floors. There are wifi access points on
every floor.

There is already a female student in the neighboring guest room, and
therefore another female student is desired for this room. This guest
room is available as a short-term rental. A guest may transition into
a resident, which would involve a room-change and household consent.

The residents/volunteers eat on the first floor at 7pm, which you may
elect to join. You'd have to contribute to the common food budget in
this case.

This is an alternative house. The people who appreciate living here
are educated and open-minded. People from conservative/religious
families, people who watch television, etc, are not going to be happy here.

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