28 Reasons why you should never go to Latvia

1. Let's go to Latvia... said no one ever.


Riga old town


2. I mean, the marshes in "Lord of the Rings" look better.


Landscape, Latgale region


3. You'd have to pay me to come here...

28 reasons why you should never go to Latvia

Gauja river valley


4.... a lot!


Venta waterfall


5. They don't even have history!


Cēsis Castle


6. Did a 4 year old design this?!




7. I'll keep my squirrels, thank you very much!


Red fox on ice


8. Oh wow, it's green...


Latvian countryside


9. Congratulations, you have weather!


Winter in Latvia


10. As I said, nothing compared to a squirrel.


Latvian wolf


11. The food looks like roadkill!


Pork shank


12. More colours, yay...


Latvian beach


13. I've seen more people watching a One Direction tribute act.


15. 000 choir members in Mežaparks, Riga.


14. I've built LEGO houses better than this.


Jelgava Palace


15. Isn't this the castle from Balamory?


Ēdole Castle, Courland


16. Cool buildings mate!


Riga Cathedral


17. Who do they think they are, Batman?


Latvian castle


18. Even Instagram couldn't save this.


Latvian forest


19. I'd rather go to a Justin Bieber concert...


Metallica concert arena riga


20. Don't care, I'm not hungry.


Laima chocolate


21. Is that a TV antena?


Latvian Academy of Sciences


22. Where's the plasma screen at?


Latvian national opera


23. If I wanted ice I'd go to Antarctica.


Dynamo Riga, Ice Hockey team at the Arena


24. Where is the culture in this country?


Riga, European Capital of Culture 2014


25. People have cars now ffs!


Retro touristic tram


26. Not sure if restaurant... or dungeon?


Rozengrals restaurant in Riga


27. What even is this?


Rundale Palace Gardens


28. Forget Latvia. There is nothing to see.


House of Blackheads, Riga


Because in fact, Latvia is gorgeous! And if you haven't visited it yet, this is definitely a good time to do it.

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Comments (42 comments)

  • flag- Karlis Cabulis 8 years ago

    Third picture definitely is not Latvia

  • flag- Elvis Ermanis 8 years ago

    which of these places have you visited? I bet none ;) and if you post something about country find pictures from exact country at least. Librairy? srsly? Illiterate

  • flag- Guillermo Buenacasa 8 years ago

    I was Erasmus in Riga, so yeah, i visited most of thoses places, and a lot more!

  • flag-lv Z P 8 years ago

    This is a joke, right?

  • flag- Anda Zūle-Lapimaa 8 years ago

    Seams that some people don't read articles up to the end :)
    I agree that picture number 3 is not Latvia - there is no place with such hills...

  • flag- Ieva Roze 8 years ago


  • flag-es Javier López 8 years ago

    To those of you not getting the joke, please read the of the article ;)

  • flag-es Javier López 8 years ago

    * the end of the article

  • flag- Sandra Navicka 8 years ago

    Because in fact, Latvia is gorgeous! And if you haven't visited it yet, this is definitely a good time to do it....!!!!! Welcome to!!!

  • flag-lv Justine K 8 years ago

    Extra points for including opera and ice hockey in the gallery!! :) Merci!

  • flag- Mike Pg 8 years ago

    Picture 3 IS NOT Latvia, i t's the Ivory Coast..... highest point in Lv is 300 mtrs. THERE ARE NO MOUNTAINS

  • flag- Karlis Osis 8 years ago

    3rd picture is from USA:

  • flag- Jēkabs Dišlers 8 years ago

    Which asshole wrote this shit, latvia is a beautiful land

  • flag- Guillermo Buenacasa 8 years ago

    Jēkabs Dišlers
    Irony: the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning.

  • flag- Edmunds Anšics 8 years ago

    OMG, I am so ashamed! Why did I read these comments? Thanks Elvis, Zane Sandra and Jekabs You really understand why dear Guillaume posted this article. Not. You guys have a Borat type of thinking, congrats.
    Everyone thinks that latvians lack sense of humor now.

  • flag- Ikars Kubliņš 8 years ago

    I got the irony, but dear author, please don't misguide people and change the 3rd photo, which is not from Latvia, as several readers pointed out already. You can change it to this view, for example: http://www.photoriga.com/2015/04/gauja-valley-in-autumn.html

  • flag- Daina Lepika 8 years ago

    Please replace picture no.3! This one would fit much better: http://dziedava.lv/daba/madonas_raj/lielais_golgats_270708.jpg

  • flag- Guillermo Buenacasa 8 years ago

    I changed the photo nº3. Sorry for the mistake and thanks to Ikars Kubliņš for the new picture!

  • flag-in Hitender Solanki 8 years ago

    I guess some people just don't like neatness, cleanliness of the country and welcoming nature of Latvian people. I highly recommend the non-latvian readers to visit and experience the "best enjoyed slowly" lifestyle.

  • flag- Jēkabs Dišlers 8 years ago

    Ko tas nozimē tur tiek aplamāta mūsu latvija un pašās beigās pierakstīts ka tā ir ironija. Bet tu savā sirdī sajūti kautko pilnīgi citu. Vārds ironija nenozīmē neko ja pārsvarā tur stāv aizskaroš teksts un ta lai itkā būtu tas viss okey, tas viss manuprāt ir nepiēņemami.

  • flag- Christa Bergmann 8 years ago

    I have been twice in Riga and I loved it.Beautiful People, lovely Countryside.,fantastic Sea.

  • flag- Regina Barybina 8 years ago

    picture 3 really seemed to be the Venta waterfall in Kuldiga

  • flag- Anete Eberesche 8 years ago

    I bet I could make another 28 reasons why no one should visit the country you are from.

  • flag- Artūrs Bankavs 8 years ago

    Jūs, baklažāni, tas ir sarkasms.

  • flag- Signe Ūše 8 years ago

    For those who have doubts about photo nb3... "Gaujas senleja" https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=gaujas+senleja&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjqpqzL1c7KAhVLXBoKHcoCBXEQ_AUIBygB&biw=1366&bih=645

  • flag- Urzula Freimane 8 years ago

    Artūr, Tavs komentārs ar baklažāniem ir ģeniāls! :D

  • flag- Tom Az 8 years ago

    @ Mike Pg - Are you joking about third picture? It is in Latvia, and there is no mountains, just some clouds in the background.

  • flag- Normunds Hofmans 8 years ago

    Jēkabs Dišlers, lūdzu raksti tikai latviski, lai citās zemēs potenciālie ceļotāji nedomātu, ka te dzīvo tupi, humora izjūtas apdalīti cilvēki.

  • flag- Normunds Hofmans 8 years ago

    Jēkabs Dišlers, beidz aplamāt savu dzimteni un atceries uz mūžiem, ka Latvija jāraksta ar lielo burtu.

  • flag- Normunds Hofmans 8 years ago

    Signe ūše, es arī lasot komentārus nevarēju saprast, ko visi piesienās 3.fotogrāfijai, bet palasot tālākos komentārus redzams,, ka raksta autors šo foto jau ir nomainījis.

  • flag- Didzis Aizupietis 8 years ago

    Actually the 3rd picture is taken in Latvia, Sigulda. The river called Gauja, on the picture an ancient walley of Gauja during a fall. Funny to read some comments from latvians, who have never been in Sigulda in autumn ...

  • flag- Guna Andersone 8 years ago

    the 3rd picture is from Latvia. Mike Pg claim up in the Turaida castle and you will see this gorgeous view.

  • flag- Ieva Alsberga 8 years ago

    The comments under this article are a real representation of Latvians. :D We may be kind and welcoming, but have terrible sense of humour and get buthurt really fast :D

  • flag- Ieva Alsberga 8 years ago

    To those still wondeting about 3rd picture - the author changed it a while back. Read all the comments :)

  • flag- Kārlis Kuzma 8 years ago

    Dear fellow readers, try to ignore some of our highly intellectual latvians, since they obviously didn't get the sarcasm behind this post. Also, don't be misguided by them, because majority of latvians are really kind, welcoming and helpful people. And also, most of us tend to have a great sense of humor. Too bad it can't be seen in this comment section though, but you can add that to the bucket list (meet a really fun latvian, that will most likely become a good friend of yours) in addition to these destinations.

  • flag- Ineta Baltā 8 years ago

    Kārlis Kuzma, well said.

  • flag- Agnese Vekmane 6 years ago

    What? Omg this post can't be real. I just want to say that Latvia are the most beautiful country in the world. We have the best building, the best food, the most beautifus nature and most important thing is that we have the best people in whole world❤

  • flag- Loreta Jurmalniece 6 years ago

    First of all the third picture is real , I live in Latvia and anyway Latvia is beautiful place. :)

  • flag- Agnese Savage 6 years ago


  • flag-us Lenk Markovich 3 years ago

    I know a very strange fact. And this is
    The national anthem of Latvia is called 'Dievs, svētī Latviju!', which in English means 'God Bless Latvia'. It was adopted in 1920. Both the music and the lyrics have been composed by Kārlis Baumanis.

  • flag- Engy Stan 2 years ago

    And of course, some Latvians here show what they really are - absolutely stubborn, effing crazy about their country, defensive and willing to start hating, and not getting any jokes ...
    Awesome post btw. Some places in Latvia are indeed pretty. But it's definitely not OMG THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY ON THE PLANET OMG OMG OMG as i have heard from a lot of locals =)) be reasonable please =) but i know you won't ... cause that's what you are lol

  • flag- Matīss Bortiņš one year ago

    Actually the third picture is from Latvia. If you want to see it in Google maps, just type "Ķeizarskats"

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