Experience in La Spezia, Italy by Mattia | Erasmus experience La Spezia
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Experience in La Spezia, Italy by Mattia

What is it like to live in La Spezia? Would you recommend it? What is the city like?

The city of La Spezia has a big commercial and cruise dock. Is one of the most important dock in Italy.
Live in La Spezia is cool in summer but in winter it gest quite boring.
The most beautiful and touristic places are outside the city, nearby there is Cinque Terre, Lerici and Portovenere. All those villages are really beautiful.

What is the student lifestyle like in La Spezia?

Since in La Spezia there isn't a university but just a detachment of the university of Pisa and Genova, student lifestyle is not so good on winter period outside the weekends. In summer is really cool.

How much does it cost to live in La Spezia?

not so much, on a halfway between cheap and expensive

Is it difficult to find accommodation in La Spezia? Is there any advice you can give?

La spezia City offers a lot of solutions, don't pretend to live in Cinque Terre, Lerici or Portovenere, are more expensive.

What is the food like? What are your favourite dishes?

This is Italy, you really are asking about the food ?
We have a lot of specialities that you'll really love. My favourite are "Sgabei", but also we have "Panigacci" or you can try mussels in any way (mussels in La Spezia are called "Muscoli")

What places would you recommend visiting in La Spezia?

I recommend to visit all the coast from Levanto to Tellaro.

Is it good to eat out in La Spezia? Can you tell us your favourite spots?

Yes it is, I don't have a favourite spot, depends on what I want to eat at the moment.

Is the nightlife good in La Spezia? Where is good to go?

Nightlife is good between april/may to october. In the city center there are a lot of bar/pubs, you can move also to Lerici, Sarzana, Portovenere or Cinque Terre to have different nightlife experiences

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