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  • I have plan to visit KL universities in January 2024 and i search for a room

    I am university professor and i have been invited a a visiting lecturer in Malaysia. so i need a room to stay for 3 weeks.  if anybody have room please let me know. I am working in UTM university from morning to night ! and need somebody as roomate who is femiliar with...

    2 months ago
  • Looking for a female roommate

    Hi, my name is prabhleen, I'm looking for a roommate girl, I'm from India living in Malaysia since 8 years, I'm a full time working, looking for a girl who can share room with me, even I can find a room if don't have.if you already have the room that would be great, I'm...

    5 months ago
  • 22 year old girl, looking for housemates to rent an apartment together In KL.

    I'm a psychology student who's also currently working full time. Looking for roomates that would wanna move in together somewhere in the city. Prefarably by December 2023. Buzz me so we can discuss on potential apartments and agree on splitting etc etc. Would prefer if...

    6 months ago
  • anyone

    I am seeking a compatible roommate to share my living space and create a harmonious home environment. As a responsible and considerate individual, I believe that finding the right roommate is essential for a successful living arrangement. I am looking for someone who...

    6 months ago
  • looking for room in posh neighborhood for just month of November

    Hi. Im a sporty computer programmer livinbg in California. I want to visit KL for November to live and work (only owrking part time). I'm neat and tidy, easy going and like to work hard in the mornings and then do fun things. I usually relax in the later evenings...

    7 months ago
  • Looking for accommodation near Mont Kiara

    Will be working as an engineering consultant at Mont Kiara. May not be home on the weekends often. Currently working in London. Will be in KL from 2nd July. Prefered accommodation would be a landed property with a garden, alternatively a condominium with amneties would...

    8 months ago
  • Hi my name is Kieran im from scotland, looking for multiple roommates around 3-4 in KL

    I'm looking for a few roommates hopping for 3-4 so we could get a bigger place and cut the cost of rent between not sure how much I'm wanting to spend but around 800-1000, of course, I would like to meet up first and just clear a few things make sure we get on well...

    10 months ago
  • Professional Canadian man moving to KL for a course of 1 year.

    I am a professional who is coming to KL to take some dentistry courses at UM. i am looking for a nice place where i could have my own privacy. I will be busy working and studying at UM from early morning to late afternoon.  i would prefer a house but im also open to...

    one year ago
  • 25 year old Japanese , looking for a condominium to share

    I'm calm, polite, tidy, a bit introverted Japanese who is looking for a room to share. Born and lived in Tokyo, Graduated from national Kagoshima univ. in 2020, and going to work in KL this July. I hope if I could meet nice people to trust and get along well. my...

    one year ago
  • 34 year Old Malaysian looking for a Room in Mont Kiara.

    Ill be working in Jalan Solaris so looking for any place near there. Even better if the place has a pool, etc etc. Just looking for a room to rent, would love to have great roommates but that's a hit or miss so I'm not fussy.Im tidy, enjoys cooking and doing my own...

    one year ago
  • Looking to move temporarily with roommates or alone. for up to 6 months

    Costa Rican temporarily living on KL, need to move out of my current house due to separation. I am open to moving out with roommates or alone, need to accommodate ASAP.  Currently not working, but plan to stay in KL for some time to know around.  I would prefer to pay...

    one year ago
  • Roommates

    HI I have just shifted to KL from India i am a pure vegeterian looking for people to buy and share rooms with. Currently put up in a temporary place prefferably pure veg near to brickefeild area (also known as little India). Thanks and regards, Pankaj(Jain)

    one year ago
  • Looking for roommates in mont kiara (girls only). Preferably expats

    A very business busy businessman who wants to live alone temporarily in mont kiara and also to mingle with expats girls. Open minded and cool. Don't worry about the rental for now as I'm just looking for people to fill up the penthouse. As for expat students, just let...

    2 years ago

    HEY i am looking for room for rent in bangsar south. I am very clean n tidy , Mind my own bussiness type. Love a homely environment ..  If you are looking for a room too we can discuss togther and rent a whole unit and be housemate too .. I am open for all genders as...

    2 years ago
  • Jalan Kuching- Looking for a housemate

    Hey there, I'm Torrence PL & I'm currently looking for a house mate to share my cozy living space. The unit is fully furnished, and your room comes with a single bed, study table and wardrobe too. Total 2 rooms in the house and you'll be occupying the medium room. There...

    2 years ago
  • 32 years old..... Egyptian man looking for accommodation in kuala lumpur

    My name is Mohamed Adel... I am Egyptian stay in Malaysia for 3 years... Working as business leader.... Export and import Not rich but I have the talent for survival and success Search person I share the house with him.... Must be veryyy clean and friendly. I love to...

    2 years ago
  • I moving to KL and want an accomodation

    I am moving to KL and looking for accomodation under 1300 RM. Looking for someone who is already in KL rented and need a roommate.  I prefer only Indians and Europeans. Someone who is working in IT sector. Who has been living for atleast 6 months in KL and know the...

    2 years ago
  • 20 year old Indian Muslim Girl looking for atleast roomates to move in with me at any of the PV condominium in Gombak

    I am a 20 year old Indian Muslim girl studying at IIUM. Im looking for atleast two female roomates willing to rent a flat at any of the PV condominiums (example: PV2, PV4, PV8) by end of February or beginning of March 2020. Rent at these condominiums is quite cheap with...

    3 years ago
  • 22 year old French student looking for a shared or single flat in Kuala Lumpur during my internship

    I'm an French engineering student coming to Malaysia for a 6 months internship. I want to find a place where I feel well during those 6 months, shared or not. I just want a clean place with basic accomodations, and if with flatmates I'll be happy to share with you. I've...

    3 years ago
  • Hey All, I just got to KL for my Master. Looking for a shared flat with cool people. I like hiking, games and swimming.

    Hi i just got to KL few days ago and i will be here for two years to do my Master i'm searching for a shared flat with easy access to Pavillion and city center. i can pay 1500RM per month. I speak English, Spanish, Kurdish and Persian. I like hiking annd camping, my...

    4 years ago

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