• we are looking for a female roommate at bornova

    Hello everyoneI have a full stuffed room in Bornova, İzmir. The flat is very close to subway stations of Bornova and Bölge. İt is nearby Yaşar University and Ege University. Sİnce I started living out of Turkey, I left my room and stuffs at İzmir. So now, We are...

    13 days ago
  • 20 year old girl, looking for accommodation in Izmir

    Hi! My name is Morgon Florke and I am from America. I am looking for a flat and someone who is looking for a roommate. I would like my roommate, a girl, to be good in english and can open up and share her culture with me also. I am looking for a flat in Karsyiaka or...

    one month ago
  • 28 years old youngman looking for accomodation in Izmir 2 weeks during January

    Hello , FriendsI am Mohamed Gamal , Egyptian youngman coming to Izmir to receive training in molecular biology and genetics in Dokuz Eylul U.I am looking forward to discover Izmir in this short period.I am lookinf for a quite place with nice people . I am not annoyed...

    2 months ago
  • I'm 22 year old girl from Poland, I'm going to study in Izmir and I'm looking for accomodation for me and my two friends (:

    I am Industrial Design student and I'm going to study at Izmir University of Economics for few months during the spring semester. I am looking for a flat for me and my two friends, with basic equipment and wifi. I am interested with accomodation close to university, or...

    2 months ago
  • Hi, I am 20 years old girl from Czech looking for accomodation in Izmir

    Hey My name is Aneta, I am 20 years old girl from Czech republic, studying fashion design department on textile faculty, Technical university of Liberec. I am looking for accomodation close to DEU fine arts faculty in Izmir for spring semester 2017/18. The cheaper, the...

    3 months ago
  • Erasmus student looking for a room

    Hello! I'm Aina and I'm 21. I coming for a semester to study in the Izmir University of Economics. I'm looking for a room or an apartment to share with erasmus students (if possible). Tha zone I prefer is Balçova and it would be nice if there's wifi and a metro/bus...

    3 months ago
  • 22 year old guy, looking accommodation in Izmir

    I'm 22 years old student from Lithuania and I'm coming with my friend to study in Ege university for one semester, we would like to have accomodation near university together. Now we are working in Greece and just got news that we not gonna get student accomodation and...

    6 months ago
  • 25 years old student/explorer looking for accommodation near Yasar University from sept to january.

    Hello! I am Malik Afnan an mba student and exchange student ftom pakistan to Yasar University.  I would like to have an accommodation with all the required facilities i.e. internet,heating and cooling system, laundry,nearness to Yasar university.  I would like to have...

    6 months ago
  • 20 years old student coming with Erasmus program to study in Ege University, looking for accomodation

    I'm 20 years old student from Lithuania and I'm coming with my friend to study in Ege university for one semester, we would like to have accomodation near university together. Now we are working in Greece and just got news that we not gonna get student accomodation and...

    6 months ago
  • an urgent post help me pls

    I really need this flatmate because of something happened suddenly. I really need a place to stay.. pls help me.i wrote my number you can connect me. The reason why I need stay in Izmir is to training programme. I can explain it to you but now priority is a place to...

    7 months ago
  • A 27 year old boy, needing a 16 days accommodation in Izmir

    I will participate in ELS Soil and Water Summer School in Ege University from 8 to 24 of July and I need a budget accomodiation. I am a doctoral student at University of Tehra. I will be mostly in the university. I prefere to sleep in a dark and silent place before 1 am...

    9 months ago
  • 26 years old man ,a doctor, looking for a friend to share my flat

    Hey everybody. I live in Bornova 15 min distance by walk to Ege university hospital. I am a doctor. So I have duties at some nights. And my flat is empty when I go to Hospital. I wanna share my flat a friend who has sence of humour and can create a friendship forever. I...

    9 months ago
  • 3rd year student searching for a room in Izmir

    Hi fellow friends, my name is Ignas, born and raised in the capital of Lithuania. I see myself as a guy that likes living in a clean environment and have fun apart from studies. I like learning new things, riding bicycle, movies, conversations with people that have...

    11 months ago
  • 22 year old girl looking for accommodation in Izmir, with one or two girl roommates

    I'm extrovert, easy-going, friendly person, sports type, but also love party, studing psychology and looking forward for new friends and experiences. I would like simple accommodation with ersasmus girl roommates that are similar character as me, if it's possible.    ...

    one year ago
  • A 23 year old girl, coming with my best friend to Balcova, Izmir.

    Me and my friend are two friendly girls looking for an apartment, it would be great if its near Izmir University of Economics.Looking for a clean apartment for both of us, which has heating, wireless wifi, kitchen, bathroom, and itrs not too tiny and stifling....

    one year ago
  • Looking for an apartment with atleast 3 rooms in bornova, izmir

    I am currently a student at yasar university along with my sister. We are looking for an apartment to rent (1000-1500 TL/month) in bornova/bolge in izmir with atleast 3 rooms, a living room, kitchen and bathroom(s). Also, we're looking for girl roommates, they might...

    one year ago
  • 23 years old boy med student. Looking for accommodation in bornova Izmir

    Hello I am Uğur. I am 23 old and medicine student in Ankara Sağlık Bilimleri University but I changed University for this term with Ege University. I am Turkish.I just want to roommate. I can stay everywhere if there clean and studyable. I am nerd...

    one year ago
  • Hi! Me, Liv am looking for a room in Izmir!

    Hi! My name is Liv and I am a third year International Communication student. I am really excited to come to Izmir this February! This is why i am looking for a place to live for 5 months. So if you are looking for a clean and fun roommate or sublet...

    one year ago
  • a small clean and furnished room with a reasonable price

    Hey im iyad and im from Algeria i want a room for 8 months. i wanna come to study Turkish in Izmir if possible i want a roommate. i want a good though small room but with a reasonable price maximum 120 euro monthly i wanna stay for 8 months thanx in advance. i want a...

    one year ago
  • Two amazing girls are looking for an appartement or flat in Izmir

    Hello,  We are so lucky to come to study for a while in Yasar University Izmir. At the moment we are looking for a flat or appartment close to the university. We are two clean ladies, so we will take care of your house very well. Help us out!!!

    one year ago

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