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The Transportation in Izmir City

Published by flag- Mahmud Amino — 3 years ago

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I want to tell you guys about the transportation status in Izmir city, which could help you all when you decide to visit it in the future. Now let's start:

The Transportation in Izmir City

Adnan Menderes Airport is located 16 km south of the city center. It was named after former Prime Minister Adnan Menderes and is also called "Izmir International Airport". Izmir International Airport receives many daily flights to and from Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya, in addition to a number of regular international flights to and from some European cities.

You can get out of the airport by one of three options: airport shuttle service or take public buses run by the transport sector in the city council, which is cheaper than the airport shuttle buses, or by using the suburban train line, which reopened in August 2010 and connects the airport to the station. Sancak in the city center.

You can also go to Izmir if you are in Turkey by train, where the city has two main railway stations: Alsancak in the north and operates trains between some Turkish cities such as Ankara and Istanbul, and Basmane in the city center, which is an internal line that operates trains. Regional and metro. There are also public buses that travel between different Turkish cities at affordable prices.

The Transportation in Izmir City

As for the internal transport within the city of Izmir, public transport is remarkably varied.Public buses and taxis are available in addition to the Izban train line that covers most parts of the city center and the metro line that connects the city center with the north-eastern suburb of Bornova.

There are also bicycles on the streets of Izmir, one of which can be independently moved between the streets of the city, as well as the possibility of renting a private car and driving yourself if you have an international driving license. One of the nicest public transportation in Izmir is the public ferries, which are easy and quick transportation within the coast and allow you to see great views of the city.

The Transportation in Izmir City

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