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The beautiful Island City.


  Istanbul is one of the most largest cities in this world, It is of two continental city with each part located on a separate island. It has sub Areas (Adalet, Buyuk Ada) located on different Islands.

  1. Three suspended bridges linking  Europe and Asia.

Istanbul with unique and beautiful culture , attracts millions of tourist every year. With most tourist based around; Taksim, Besiktas, Eminonu, kadikoy and etc. The breeze of the sea makes the city more conducive. Istanbul have attractive places like, Adalar, Buyuk Ada where most people visit for picnics and to enjoy the Asien horse ride.

Turkish food.

Tikinti in Basiktas is one of the best Turkish restaurant with super delicious Turkish meals. At tikinti, you enjoy the scene of seagulls while enjoying delicious Turkish culture food. Turkish with a unique coffee (Turkish coffee) is served with meal. 

Unique Turkish food;

  1. Simit
  2. Yogurt
  3. Kahvalti
  4. Baklava
  5. Pide
  6. Tursu
  7. Turkish delight (Turkish coffee)
  8. Manti.
  9. Maras Dondurma
  10. Dolma and Sarma

Istanbul Commerce University.     

 When you plan of Erasmus, think of Istanbul commerce university. It have English departments for both Turkish  and non Turkish speaking students. It is international accredited Institution. It is affiliated to most companies, you have no doubt about job acquisition. Don't forget to chose Istanbul Commerce University to study from best lectures.

Turkey is a loving country as it culture is pleasant to embrace. If you miss Turkey, you have miss an experience. If you miss Istanbul, you have miss beautiful city with naturally gifted landscape. If you miss Istanbul Commerce University, you have miss best career training in your life.

  1. Choose Turkey, choose Istanbul, choose Istanbul commerce Universirycome. Come with colleagues, recommend for others to have the best career experience.

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