student in istanbul bilgi university as a foreigner | Erasmus experience IBUN

student in istanbul bilgi university as a foreigner

its been a year since I registered in the university and I love my university and I'm sharing all this from my experiences and what i find good and bad about the uni and the santral campus is considered one of the biggest university campuses in istanbul.

I faced problems and struggles for sure since I'm a non Turkish speaker some of the instructors were not so good at English so I struggled with this issue and I failed in 2 subjects because of that  and in the administration and in the international students office and student affairs office it depends on your luck you might have a problem but there's a worker is not so helpful and doesn't want to help you and sometimes you will have the most friendly and lovely feedback and will try to help you as much as they can.

as tuition fees compared to other universities it is a little expensive it all depends on your major but mostly, yearly you pay 9 thousand us dollars sometimes you have 15% percent off so it will be 6 thousand us dollars, but I don't see it so expensive in both ways.

as a residential stay as a student who wants a dormitory, the university does not have dorms for the university but it has a couple ones near but they're hella expensive, almost you will pay the same university tuition fees on the dorm.

as campuses, the university got 3 main campuses but the santral one is the most beautiful and big one, you really live the student vibes their and the beautiful thing about the university it has so so many students of different countries so wherever you're from you will find friends.

and the most useful thing about Bilgi that I really had benefits from it the free shuttle services it will take you to so many different places so you will not be in trouble with transports in Istanbul. I love that about bilgi university.

as an education, it's pretty strong in educating maybe comparing to strong universities it's not that much but for me, it depends on the instructors.

I've experienced to be in a subject the instructor literally does not teach you anything just will tell you to do that and do that but not really teach you how to do it, but if you complained about it to the administration they will fire him or her.

and some instructors are very very strong in teaching and I'm lucky to have such an instructor although I really get tired from repeating projects and from accurate evaluation but at the end in the one who's getting a strong education and the benefits.

as marks I receive, I think all the marks and grading depends on your attendance if you regularly attend you're safe if not, no matter what you will get a lower grade.

in the end, I love my university I think there's really something special about it.


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  • Fritz Hackspacher 3 years ago

  • Fritz Hackspacher 3 years ago

  • Ana Meneses 2 years ago

    I'll be in that university the next semester, and I'mlooking for an apartment or room or anything hahah, any recomendation?

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