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Designing my first dress

Making my first own Design dress (Final project) 

i just finished my first year as a fashion design student .

so as a FD student we make alot of patterns in classes but not a real piece with real fabric what i mean that we make it with muslin but we dont transfer it to fabric ( Draping class)

but we do in tailoring class but I didn’t take this course this year thats why this is my first time to make a real piece. 

Although I didn’t finish the sewing as I mentioned before i did not take tailoring classes yet .

it took from me four straight days to finish the dress and I repeated the draping 5 times and 6 times on paper patterns  . 

First time is so challenging since it’s the first time and i had to have it well done so i take a higher mark because i was on the edge of failing sadly , i worked so hard but it turned out very well in my opinion at least but it could be better tho. 

i was so near to give up on everything and just watch myself taking a straight zero .

at first my instructor said that we have to design and sketch a dress or a jacket drape with muslin it then transfer it to papers and then to real fabric and we had to make a research about the right and what suits better for the  chosen design and re drape the design with the fabric and finally sew it ( and heres the struggle) 

i thought i had to sew it and i have no sewing experiences before so i had to let my friends help but also it wasnt going well , everybody is busy with their own project.

so i made everything and i had it done exactly before the exam day except for the sewing and i was about to have mental breakdown and the dress that i draped and finish turned out so so ugly and very short and the two sides are not even , so i went back home with a very bad headache and with no motivation , i wasnt satisfied at all and my exam is in 5 hours and I couldn’t sleep with the result i have after 4 days with no sleep work , I decided to throw everything away and start from the beginning , and that’s what exactly happend i started again although it was a risk because I don’t know if i have enough fabric to re-do all the proccess over but i did any way , and thank god it turned up well but i didnt sew it. i gave up on sewing and I don’t know back then if it was acceptable but i said i will do it before my name comes to present  . 

Finally the exam time came and i tried to sew it for the last time and i faced so much struggles and my bobbin case for the machine broke so it was a huge breakdown for me i gave up and i said that I don’t want to present let it what it be , i will fail anyways . 

Then my friend gave me a push and told me just to pin it on the mannequin so i heard her advice in the last few minutes . 

And i will never forget that for her , because at the end the instructor told me thats ok sewing is optional , lol fml.

But thank god it turned out not so bad.

at the end , it was a challenge for me to be better in my major. 

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