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Erasmus Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

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    Humboldt University is an amazing university with an amazing staff quality. Knowing German is very important otherwise you would suffer in non-English departments. Education is difficult, they expect the best performance from you. So for Erasmus: it's not party time if...

    0 by Kübra in Erasmus experiences HU , 5 years ago
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    Experience in Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany by Gabriel

    Generally, what is Humboldt University of Berlin like? It is a high-level university. There are courses in each area, students from every part of the world and the lectures are given by postdoc students. What are the tutors like? There are high-quality tutors. Are the...

    0 by gabriel in Erasmus experiences HU , 6 years ago
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    gallery updated, 6 years ago
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    Erasmus Student

    I liked the fact that the main building was at a very central spot, it was clean and organized. But on the other hand, i didn\'t like the students\' attittude there. I think they put too much effort to something that it doesn\'t require that much. I mean...

    1 by angeliki in Erasmus experiences HU , 11 years ago

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