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Experience in Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany by Katja

Generally, what is Humboldt University of Berlin like?

its an old university, which is visible form the outside and from the facilities as well. Teaching itself is good, well thought trough. Professors in most cases try to keep the level of their teaching on a high level and you can feel as a student, that there is a lot of planning and effort behind most classes (I can only speak for my faculty of course, mainly about the classes of Agricultural Economics). The building and the equipment would need a little update, but thats all I can complain about.

What are the facilities like?

lecture halls, and class rooms are old and when it comes to technical equipment not up to date. The essencials are given, but not more. Mensa Nord for expample is great, there is a large choise of different pates and side dishes every day. Also there is a self run students cafe on my campus, which is a great place to spend some spare time and connect with others students.

What are the tutors like?

strctured, but still listening to students requests
sometimes there are issues with teachers not managing to correct exams in time to give students enough time to prepare for the retake of an exam.

Are the lessons easy in Humboldt University of Berlin?

no I would not say the classes are easy, they are demanding and challenging on a high but doable level. As I am studying a masters degree, it of course depends a lot on your preeducation. if the Bachelors gave you a lot of background its easier, but in other cases its quite an effort to keep up with the class

Does the University organise activities? If so, what are they like?

there are some discussions, some cultural events. But the city of Berlin itself offers that much of everything that sometimes it is not very needed, that university does extra events

Do you think there is a good quality of teaching?

the quality is defentily high in most subjects.

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