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Experience in Helsinki, Finland by Marie

How did you think the city of Helsinki lived? Do you recommend it? How is the city?

The city is great, it's a pretty comfortable lifestyle. However, I think it's important to expect the winter, not that it's necessary to make a big deal out of it but it's necessary to be equipped for the cold. Then for the lack of light, take vitamin D and a lot of exercise helps.


What is the cost of living in Helsinki?

The cost of living is rather high in general. As for cafe bars, it's about the same price as in Paris, otherwise cigarettes are cheaper.

How is food in the city? What are your favorite dishes?

The food is very vegetarian friendly. All supermarkets, most restaurants etc. offer all the vegetarian and vegan essentials. Otherwise, fish is a specialty here.

What places do you recommend to see in Helsinki?

Eira, the walk from the seaside to the carousel is very beautiful. Then Punavuori is a very nice neighborhood, Bulevardi, then go around Tööloonlahti where there is a cafe with an amazing view next to a blue house.

And to eat in Helsinki? Can you tell us your favorite places?

The Tuk Tuk Thai restaurant in Vaasankatu (M sornäinen). As a general rule check out the website eat. fi ; you can find all or almost all of the restaurants and there's a voting system.


What places do you recommend to go out in Helsinki?

Kallio district (Vaasankatu) as well as the Pacifico bar on Helsinginkatu, Cafe Mascott on Haamentie, and for nightclubs Adams on Erottajankatu and Kuudes linja in Haamentie.

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