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Erasmus Experience in Helsinki, Finland by Simon

Why did you choose to go to Helsinki, Finland?

For all the good things that is said about the Nordic countries, to visit and because the University of Helsinki is one of the best in the world

How long is your stay? How much help do you receive?

4 and a half months and around 1300 euros


How is the student atmosphere in Helsinki?

Nice, but as alcohol is really expensive, especially in clubs and cafes, it really slowed down my routine in the evenings...

Would you recommend the city and University of Helsinki to other students?

No, it's nice, but for a Erasmus life, or it's about being a student and a tourist, it's really not the ideal destination , especially due to the reason of prices

How is the food in this country?

It is expensive, but good

Have you had any trouble finding accommodation in Helsinki?


What is the cost of living in Helsinki?

800 euros per month

How is learning the language? Have you been to language classes organised by the university?

I have not learnt Finnish during my stay, it is far too different from the languages I know and useless in view of where I plan to work in my career (not in Finland)


What is the most economical way to get to Helsinki from your city?

By Plane

Which places would you recommend to party in Helsinki?

The Kapital and Mascot café

And where to eat in Helsinki? What are your favorite places?

I did not go out for meals in Helsinki

And what cultural visits do you recommend?

Travel in Lapland, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Riga, Åland, Tampere, Turku

Any tips for future students in Helsinki?

Prepare for it to be very dark, it can be pretty depressing sometimes.

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