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Erasmus experience in Hamburg, Germany by Louis

Why did you choose to go to Hamburg, Germany?

I wanted to go to Germany because I love the German culture and this country. Hamburg is an important city that draws me in.

How long does your trip last? How much financial aide do you get?

My stay lasts 4 months. I don't receive any financial help apart from the money from my parents because I'm not on an entirely ERASMUS scheme.

Erasmus experience in Hamburg, Germany by Louis


What's the student atmosphere like in Hamburg?

It's a big student city, amazing.

Would you recommend the city and the university of Hamburg to other students?


What's the food like in this country?

Good in the traditional restaurants! You've got to search around a little.

Did you have any trouble finding a place to stay in Hamburg?

Life in Hamburg isn't too expensive, perfect for students.

How's the language learning going? Have you been to any of the language classes organised by the university?

At university I only had classes in English, so to improve my German, I worked in a café and did Tandems.

Erasmus experience in Hamburg, Germany by Louis


What's the most economical way to get to Hamburg from where you live?

By plane or carpool.

What places would you recommend for going out in Hamburg?

Sankt-Pauli, Sternschanze.

And for eating in Hamburg? What are your favourite places?

Hafen City, Jungfernstieg, Sternschanze.

And what cultural visits would you recommend?

Hafen City, the harbour...

Any advice to give future students in Hamburg?

Yes, don't bother with the over-touristic places, and don't let yourself believe that you have all the time in the world to visit places.

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