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Erasmus experiences Halmstad

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    Hey,  I would like to share my current experience. In fact I'm in exchange program in Sweden. I live in a student accomodation I have my own room but I share the kitchen with my erasmus friends they are from Taiwan, Spain,England and so one... I'm so happy to live this...

    0 by Benjamin, 8 months ago
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    Erasmus Experience in Halmstad, Sweden by Eli

    Source Source Why did you choose to go to Halmstad, Sweden? I added the option of Halmstad amongst 9 other cities when I asked for the Erasmus scholarship because it seemed like a different option to me - Exotic. It wasn't like going to the United Kingdom or to...

    0 by Beth, 8 months ago
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    Erasmus Experience in Halmstad, Sweden by Leigh

    Why did you choose to go to Halmstad, Sweden? Because of the university and the course they provided. How long is the scholarship? How much money do you receive to help you with living costs? I don't receive a scholarship. What is the student lifestyle like in...

    0 by Leigh, 2 years ago
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    Time of my life!

    The year I spent abroad in Halmstad has been absolutely amazing! I've met so many new people there and made so many friends, it's incredible! All the things you needed were organized very well, so no stress from that. I lived in Strandparken, which in my...

    0 by Igo, 6 years ago
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    It was an incredible experience. Probably the best year I've had so far. The weather actually was better than I tought. Well, obviously you can count on getting very low temperatures until minus 15 or more, but the best thing of it, was the fact of having less than...

    0 by José Pedro, 6 years ago

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