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Experience in Guadalajara, Mexico by Mario

What is it like living in Guadalajara? Would you recommend it? What is it like?

It is a city full of different things to do, and it boasts an impressive culture. It has landscapes and surrounding towns that are totally different to what you are used to in Europe. The only difficult thing about living in Guadalajara is getting to know people there, it is just a matter of meeting new people.

What is the student atmosphere like in Guadalajara?

Very good. There are lots of parties, but be careful because there are lots of police around.

How much does it cost to live in Guadalajara?

It depends on where abouts you want to live but you can find a really good place to rent for about $13, 000 MXN a month.

As for parties, it also depends on the area that you live. In the better areas, you can pay $500 if you want a really good night out.

Did you struggle finding accommodation in Guadalajara?

I found mine looking in the newspaper.

What is the food like there? What are your favourite dishes?

If you have travelled a bit, you will appreciate Mexican food. Try the tacos, typical food in a bar, the tortas ahogadas, tamales, lonches bañados, I think the food might even be the best thing about the country.

What places would you recommend to visit in Guadalajara?

The centre of Zapopan is really pretty, also visit the Antroducto neighbourhood (also called Calle real acueducto, next to Plaza andares). Visit the restaurant Lonches Karlos. Go and see the Barranca de Huentitan canyons, the Huaxtla and Adéntrate waterfalls, nearby towns such as Tapala (2 hours), Chapala (1 hour), San Sebastián del Oeste (3 hours) and Mascota (2hours). If you have time, go to Sayulita which is 3. 30 hours away by car. Or go to Vallarta (4 hours) and see the Mismaloya jungle, eat mussles in La Tía (next to the airport).

And what about eating in Guadalajara? Can you name some of your favourite places?

  • Taco de cabeza (meat from the roasted head of a beef animal), Sonoran style, "Don fili"
  • Lonches Karlos (try them! )
  • La Choza (duck tacos, Jamaica, conejo)
  • Tacos El Berna (tacos al pastor)
  • Mariscos El Carnal (sea food)
  • Papa Cabaña (tacos and potatoes)

What places would you recommend to go out in Guadalajara?

  • The small bars in Zapopan (find them in the centre of Zapopan)
  • Vango (in Antroducto)
  • The american bars

Any advice for future students coming to Guadalajara?

Make the most of the city, it's a great destination to come and live for a short while.

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