275 € / month (+ 30 € bills)

Appartment -Attic in the heart of Grenoble

I am moving out of my colocation on June 30th and I would like to find someone hat would fit in perfectly to this apartement and the flatmates.

I moved in on February and it has been he best decision in my Erasmus experience (September '14-June '15). We call the appartement "Le Grenier" as it is an attic right in the city center of Grenoble. It has 4 rooms and a living room; le Grenier is not like a any oher flat you have seen, its room are completley different from one another and it make you think if the architect was high when he designed it.

Even if the rooms and the appartment by itself is already really cool, the best thing from Le Grenier is definetely th people that live in it. We all moved in on February and didnt know each other by then, but we have become a family. We aways have at least dinnr toguether, we share the same friends so there's always people home for dinner, predrinks, parties, afters, breakfast... Le Grenier is: Julian (German), Felipe (Brasilo-Italian), Pierrot (French), and me (Spanish). Julian has already left and now its Marina (Spanish) who lives with us.

The availability of the rooms are as follows:

My room: June 30th

Marina's: July 15th

Felipe's: August 30th

Pierrot is the only one that will stay fo next year at Le Grenier and I would love for him to have such cool colocs as this past semester.

If you like a weird/vntage/artsy intercultural appartement with cool flatmates (colocs) in the heart of Grenoble, and perfect for chill nights with a few friends or crazy parties with a lot more than a few friens, then le Grenier is for you.

Let me know if you are interested in any of the rooms. I will post pictures later on.

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