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Top 5 best tapas bars

Granada is a city known for its tapas. We would almost be speaking of religion here. Effectively, it's customary to sit down in a terrace in the evening or at lunch time (2 or 3pm) to drink a beer or 'tinto de verano' (red wine with soda) and to eat the free tapas served with the drink. Practically every bar in Granada offers this but it's sometimes difficult to distinguish the bars proposing original, good and good quality tapas from the others. There are effectively a type of tapas bar which will offer classic tapas such as croquettes, meatballs or 'patatas a la pobre' (poor man's potatoes, a dish consisting of fried potatoes, peppers and onion), which will generally be served generously. Some others are more original and higher quality. You should try both but for my part, I prefer the bars where the tapas are a little bit smaller but 'riquisimo' (really delicious)! I am therefore offering you a small selection of my favourite bars where I took the liberty of trying the entire menu, in order to give you a sufficiently precise point of view.

  • Poe: Calle Verónica de la Magdalena, 40, 18002 Granada.
  • It's a very small bar, very much taken up by the Erasmus and very quickly full. Therefore, I recommend you to go there early enough to get a place. Regarding the prices, there isn't too much difference from the other bars. A pint costs roundabouts 2. 50 euros. The tapas are what makes it different; not a great quantity but they're very good. Often reminiscent of Thai cuisine, you have to like spicy dishes.

  • Biggie's: Calle Gonzalo Gallas, 13, 18003 Granada.
  • This very classic bar is located quite far from the centre, next to Camino de Ronda. If you find yourself in this area, it's always nice to go and have a look around. Being further out of the centre, the prices are much lower and the tapas are plentiful and original. Wide variety of choice: fish, meat, vegetarian dishes... I am suggesting this one because for me, it's perhaps Granada's best 'value for money' bar.

  • Bella Kurva: Calle San Jerónimo, 19, 18001 Granada.
  • This bar (which is unfortunately often closed) offers great Mexican tapas. Situated in the centre and fairly visible due to its red front window, it finds its place well in my selection for its chill atmosphere, good music and nice waiters. Small drawback: the prices are slightly steep.

    Top 5 best tapas bars

  • Bar Itacare: Calle Tendillas de Sta. Paula, 4, 18001 Granada.
  • My favourite. It is situated in the middle of a road and doesn't look like much on first sight; yet it is worth going to! The waiter is super nice and the seats on the terrace are taken up quickly. The tapas are super good. I recommend getting the gnocchi or another of which I don't recall the name but it was with aubergines and tomatoes. You can try all of it anyway. It's excellent.

    Top 5 best tapas bars

  • Casa cubana de Nancy: Calle Azacayas, 11, 18010 Granada.
  • A bit of a special bar. It's not really a tapas bar but more of the Sunday evening bar. Nancy, the bar owner offers a buffet of Cuban specialities every Sunday for 3 euros. This bar is very much appreciated by the Erasmus for its friendliness, its unbeatable value for money and Nancy's love for life. Regarding prices, the Pina Colada and Mojitos are exceptional. A piece of advice: Book in advance!

    Top 5 best tapas bars


    Top 5 best tapas bars

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