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First steps in Granada

Hello everyone,

I started a year of Erasmus in Granada in Andalusia last September and I would like to share my experiences.

The landing in Granada: It's not difficult to meet people when you arrive in Granada. It's a very student city and from the beginning of the year, many Erasmus organizations compete at the faculty entrances to distribute multiple pamphlets for their events. I'm a student in Sociology and I study at the Facultad de Sociologia y Ciencias Politicas between the city center and the Fuentenueva campus. You should know that Granada has two main student campuses that are: Fuentenueva (located near the city center and the student district) and the Cartuja campus which is located much further back from the city. Be careful when choosing your accommodation.

As for the districts of Granada, the city is divided between several "barrio" with totally different atmospheres.


Located at the bottom of the city, this district does not give much to look for at first sight. A large avenue with the Spanish peripheral architecture of the 2000s, this district looks a bit like the notorious part of Granada. But quite the opposite. It's a very student, Spanish district and has a lot of small restaurants, bars and all kinds of shops. It's located near Pedro Antonio which is very crowded at night by the Spanish in general. There are all kinds of bars from metal bars, to sports bars and even your neighborhood "Pari mutuel urbain" (PMU) bar, there's something for everyone!

REALEJO neighborhood:

Located closer to center of the city, it's a very quiet area, a little more residential than the center and beautiful. This is my favorite part of Granada. It's a neighborhood that has a large number of foreign students, we sometimes hear more English than Spanish on the streets. The neighbours know each other and there's a very nice and peaceful atmosphere. The downside is perhaps the rent costs which are almost double those of Camino de Ronda.


ALBAICIN district:

Located in the center of Granada, you need to be courageous at times to climb the many steps that crisscross the neighborhood. A popular area for tourists because of its beauty and tranquility, there's a very romantic atmosphere in the evening and it's festive in the day.


Mirador de San Nicolá, Albaicin.

SACROMONTE neighborhood:

It's the district located on the heights of the city. This neighborhood is almost out of the ordinary, it's like being in Latin America. I don't know anyone who lives there, and this neighborhood is well known for its "cuevas gitanas". It's a Gypsy neighborhood. It's a beautiful place that provides amazing views of the whole city. But also many small tights places to spend the afternoon.


Ps: to find this chair, go through San Miguel Alto, and head a little deep into the forest.


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