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Via XX Settembre

Published by Adriana Filip — 6 years ago

Blog: Genova Photo Marathon
Tags: Erasmus blog Genoa, Genoa, Italy

Via XX Settembre is one of the main streets in the center of Genoa, with a length of almost kilometer.
If you are a shopping lover, this is the right place; many international and local brands have shops here. Saturday is one of the busiest days, with many shoppers (or window shoppers) around!

Via XX Settembre isn't know only for the shops, but also for the lovely buildings.

A distinguishing mark are the giants that keep the pillars of the houses. I've seen it on different buildings, in different streets in Genova.

At approximately half of Via XX Settembre is the Ponte monumentale, an imposing marble arche. You can go on it whether with the ascensore (paying) or by taking the stairs.

(Chiesa di Santo Stefano)

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