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Experience in Covilhã, Portugal, by Sandrina

How is life in Covilhã? Do you recommend it? How is the city?

I have been studying in Covilhã for a long time and so I definitely recommend it. It is a small town right next to the mountain range Serra da Estrela with incredible scenery. It has the disadvantage of being on the hillside, which means a lot of up and downs with no plains.

How is the student life in Covilhã?

It's great! Throughout the year there are festivals, both organised by university or by the city, sports activities and student meetings at local and national level. You can find academic traditions such as the parade of freshmen, academic weeks, annual celebrations and the blessing of the finalists 'folders'.

On average, how much does life cost in Covilhã?

At this moment I live alone and pay 180€ per month for accommodation not including bills (gas, electricity, water). I have lunch every day in the cafeteria so the only food shopping are for dinner and snacks. So in total, not including student fees and diesel, it should be around 400€ per month.

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Covilhã? Do you have any advice?

Accommodation is not hard to find, there are ads everyone within the city and in the university, as well as online. There is the possibility of staying in the university hall of residences (100€), share house with other people (100-250€) and also rent just for you (200-400€). Depending on the area of the city the prices will vary.

How is the food? Can you recommend the best restaurants?

In Covilha there are several restaurants with international and national dishes and the university has several cafeterias and bars where you can eat cheaply and very well. Overall you can always eat well and cheap. Nevertheless there is always the possibility of going to a large chain restaurant such as Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Burger King, etc. The francesinhas (typical dish from Porto) from Dona Ana and from a restaurant in Rua da Saudade are very good and cheap.

What places would you recommend to visit in Covilhã?

The Serra da Estrela, Portas do Sol, Jardim do lago e Jardim Público, Calvário,

If you are able to travel further visit the towns and villages in the vicinity: go to Fundão and try their amazing cherries, visit Alcaide at the time of Míscaros (mushrooms), Ferro, Belmonte, Guarda. There are also rivers, streams and pools all around the mountains where you can bathe.

Como é que é a vida noturna em Covilhã? Quais são os melhores sítios?

The strongest nights in Covilhã are Tuesday and Thursday. There are parties every week in various parts of the city such as Leões da Floresta and Barot and on Wednesdays you can always go to the Chemistry. Your night can always end at the disco in the Companhia Club. If you want just a place to have a drink and eat I advise Comfusão.

Que conselhos darias a futuros estudantes que vão para Covilhã?

Come and you will not regret it! It's a small place, but with much to offer.

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