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Free Walking Tour in Cologne (Can You Handle It? Tours)

Published by flag-us Kaelin Priger — 5 years ago

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For two years in a row, I have travelled to Cologne in the spring to visit friends and enjoy this relaxing city. Both times, I have taken the free walking tour and really gotten to know the city better through it. Did you know that Cologne was a part of the Roman Empire? Or that its start as a settlement was cloaked with intrigue and murder? You find out all this and more on the free walking tour!


This tour happens twice a day and starts in front of the McDonald's at Rudolfplatz.


Here are 4 reasons why the free walking tour in Cologne is a must-have experience when visiting this city:

  1. This tour gives you a lot of helpful, fun, and educational information about the city of Cologne. I didn't realize that when I went running over the hills at the park on Aachener Strasse, that I was running over the ruins of Cologne that got dumped there! The tour guides really give you a taste of the city and what it is known for (as well as some crazy facts that you can surprise your friends with when you go back home).
  2. This tour is free and the guides only ask for a tip. This makes it a very affordable way to sightsee and makes it a high-value activity.
  3. Walking around a city is one of the best ways to see it. Since Cologne is a very flat city and is pedestrian-friendly, this is a great activity to do on a sunny day.
  4. The tour guides are friendly and open to you asking all kinds of questions. You can even ask them for advice and recommendations about other parts of your trip!


I got to know the city of Cologne so much better by taking the free walking tour, and I even met other tourists on the tour and got to chat with them about their travels. This was one of the best decisions of my trip.

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