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Torsten's Experience in Cologne, Germany

Translated by flag-ie A M — 3 years ago

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What's it like to live in Cologne? Would you recommend it? What is the city like?

A very lively city for young people . Lots of students study in Cologne. But this fact is also reflected in rent prices . They are very expensive and you will need a lot of patience to find a cheap place.

Cologne offers plenty of cultural and party events. Karneval in Cologne is particularly worth mentioning. For this event, Cologne becomes party central. The whole city celebrates it.

The locals are, for the most part, easy-going and sociable, and you can make connections pretty easily if you want to.

Torsten's Experience in Cologne, Germany

How is student life in Cologne?

Because of the great volume of students in Cologne, there are corresponding offers for this group . There's even a ''party mile'' in the city centre. There's something on there every night.

Torsten's Experience in Cologne, Germany

What is the cost of living in Cologne?

Life in Cologne is not cheap. Accommodation prices are high. Living expenses are pretty low. But if you want to go out a lot, that's going to cost quite a bit.

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Cologne? Can you give other students any advice?

Rent prices are high and it's usually very difficult to find a cheap apartment or accommodation. You shouldn't hold your breath if you want to live in the centre. The conditions are a bit more affordable in the outskirts of the centre. It's also not too time-consuming, once you're well-linked with the public transport.

How is the food? What are your favourite dishes?

The restaurants have everything you can imagine in Cologne.

Which places should one make sure to visit while in Cologne?

The Dome

Torsten's Experience in Cologne, Germany

Is the nightlife in Cologne good? Where are the best places to go out to?

Cologne is a party city . Particularly at the weekends, there's a lot going on. On Zülpicher Straße there's something on everyday, and lots of students meet there.

What would you like to share with future students in Cologne?

Don't be put off by the 50-year-old architecture. Cologne was damaged very badly by the war, and was unfortunately reconstructed very quickly and rather ugly.

Get to know the people in Cologne, who are very welcoming, tolerant and easygoing.

Torsten's Experience in Cologne, Germany

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