Amazing Chicago!

The city: Chicago is a great city but also a bit expensive. There are many places to visit such as museums, parks, etc. When I have free time I go to museums or restaurants.

Where I live: I live in the Chicago Hyde Park sector, I travel alone to study. Hyde Park is quiet and there are very friendly people. But I also visit my cousin Genesis who lives in the Illinois sector; She likes to sing and also loves ice cream. When we have free time we visit the Museum of Science and Industry

What I do here: I love studying at the University of Chicago because it is a very outstanding university and it prepares young people to be excellent professionals. My favorite class is math and statistics; and honestly I am a good student that I would like to apply for an academic scholarship.

Who I know: I am very friendly and kind, that is why I have several friends. My best friend is called Jairo, he is 23 years old and from Colombia. He is a great person and very funny, many times we go out to the beach, to the cinema or to eat pizza that is our favorite food when we go out together.

The city of Chicago is a great city and I am sure you would like it if you visit it!

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