Origami on the ceiling, nutella hot chocolate and bird cages

Published by Silvia Ugolini — 6 years ago

You're walking in St Mary street, you're cold in your italian winter coat, the rain hits your face - as you have no umbrella - and the wind ruffles your hair (you try to remember the last time it looked good, but your brain just can't go so far back in time). You are going to meet a friend: "let's go to Bunkhouse. You have to go there, it's soooo nice! There's a Mc Donald's on the other side of the street; let's meet up there".

You see the Mc Donald's, and you look for this place on the other side, but the wind throws dust in your eyes and you are suddenly and temporarily blind. When your sight is back, you see your jollyful Welsh (and by this I mean "used-to-rain") friend approaching in her bare sweater; you say hello, how are you? fine thanks and you? wet and cold but nice yeah!, and finally head to this place, follow her through a wooden blue door and step into Bunkhouse.

Of course, the first thing that strikes you is the feeling of switching from freezing cold to comfortable warmth; the smell of coffe and chocolate; you feel good, finally safe; you can enjoy life again, despite the weather. And then, after feeling it, you see the warmth. Dim lights everywhere, comfortable sofas, soft chairs and beds, beds to sit on; pillows, books, old toys and little cute bird cages. While you take a sit (on the small bed in front of the bar), you notice the colourful origami cranes hanging from the ceiling, and there's such a comfortable atmosphere you just want to spend the rest of your Erasmus there.

After a small chat with your friend, you decide to order a hot chocolate (rigorousley with whipped cream), and you get the nicest glass of hot chocolate, with nutella in it. Oh, you must be dreaming, or in Heaven.

You finish your hot drink in two sips, and as your friend drinks and talks, you take your shoes off and chill on the bed, bouncing the waiter and dreaming of the (unnumbered) afternoons you are going to spend in Bunkhouse.

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