Discoteca muy recomendable con comida a medio día

Published by Claudia Romeo — 7 years ago

Vodka Revs! Party central.

I have been in Vodka Revs a good few times and on every occasion have a brilliant night. It is always busy, but that doesn't stop it being fun. The music is good, the drink is flowing, there are plenty of security people around. its a fun and safe place to wain away the hours late into the night. There are a number of bars, theres a disco type area at the back, with lots of mirrors and a U shaped bar. The bar at the front is a long straight, with plenty of staff. There is also a dance floor here and places to chat, like booths and more private tables. Upstairs is another dance floor and bar, its a bit dingier than downstairs. 

The loos are down a whole flight of stairs and for the girls, a huge mirror to check out your party outfit and shoes. 

Its not really exclusive, lots of students. FYI if you play your cards right, you can get in for free! Look inconspicuous at the door and walk straight past the pay booth. I have done this nearly every time and I think have only been asked to pay once.

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