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White sand and the Caribbean Sea

Translated by Ross Smith — 4 years ago

Original text by Paulina Palestina Ruezga

Beautiful little beach in the Mexican Caribbean

White sand and the Caribbean Sea

This was our first day on the beach in Cancún, I was excited to get to know the Caribbean - this incredible paradise with white sand and turquoise waters which up until then I had only seen in travel magazines writing about marvellous destinations around the world.

We took the 2-15 bus route to Avenida Luna from Avenida Sol in Cancún which I would say is the hotel area and we adventured to see what beach was right under our noses. We decided to ask the bus driver, a man who was about 50 years old, which was the best beach in Cancún in his opinion, to which he responded with "Playa Tortugas", which was further on.

White sand and the Caribbean Sea

To cool off!

We got off the bus and between the excitement and the heat, we decided to buy a six-pack of beer in Oxxo (convenience store) which was on the way, walking by a little street where people were selling souvenirs and other things to take to the beach for tourists. We eventually arrived at the well-known "Playa Tortugas".

White sand and the Caribbean Sea

My heart was beating so excitedly at the sight of the turquoise water, and with the heat, I felt like I just wanted to find a place to lie down and enjoy the beautiful life whilst cooling myself down with the breeze and my XX beer.

Just as we arrived, two guys came over to us to offer us "the best place to be", we decided to pay to rent a place with a beach umbrella and two sun-beds so we could tan our pale skin and hide from the sun when we wanted to. One of them said to us that the rent was usually 150 pesos but that also included eating in his restaurant, so because we stayed until meal time, we decided to pay that fee and kill two birds with one stone.

We chose the highest place so we could appreciate the place as "peacefully" as possible, however, we were disturbed by the enormous amount of trash that we found in the sand, which we would not let diminish our happiness of being in this paradise. We grabbed a bag an we started to pick up all the trash that we could see, it took us no more than 5 minutes and after leaving it where it should be, we peacefully laid down to take in the tranquillity.

White sand and the Caribbean Sea

Happiness at last

The sea was calm but its atmospheric sound made our auras exude happiness - we drank our beers and after a bit of chatting, we got in the sea. The water cooled us down and put us in a good mood. We floated in the water, we swam and with our goggles to see under water, we went off to see the colourful fishes which were happily swimming close to the clear coast.

At the restaurant, we ordered prawn ceviche which was more than enough for 2 people and it cost us 250 pesos.

After visiting other beaches in the surrounding areas, I can say that although there were lots of people (I suppose because it was the weekend) and the presence of rubbish, the beach itself is one of the prettiest, so I would totally recommend it!

White sand and the Caribbean Sea

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