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A day on the beach

Published by Anonymous . — 7 years ago

Blog: Cádiz
Tags: Erasmus blog Cadiz, Cadiz, Spain

On Thursday Claire, Kath, Alice and I decided to spend a day at our local beach, La Caleta. We arrived at the beach at around 11.30am, it was already quite busy, most people seemed to have their own chairs and parasols, we quickly resolved to buy our own when we found out where they are sold. Instead we opted to rent a sunbed and parasol for €5 for the day, as we didn’t have beach towels of our own yet. The sunbeds proved to be a worthy investment as we lazed around on them all day until 6.30pm. We read books, Kath had some tourist books for Cádiz and Andalucia and her and Claire flipped through them deciding what we should put on our list of things to do for the year here. Occasionally we went for a dip in the sea to cool off, the weather was beautiful, blue skies, perfect!

Despite being very careful with the suncream I managed to catch the sun a little on my arms, so resolved to add aftersun to my list of shopping still to do. We headed home after the beach for a shower and then met up later for drinks, although we didn’t stay out too late as believe it or not lazing around on the beach all day is exhausting! Claire and Kath had made good progress on finding flats, they each had several viewings lined up so were confident of finding a flat before their time at the hostel ran out.

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