Comfortable apartment in the heart of Budapest | Flat rent Budapest
500 € / month (+ 60 € bills)
Price per square meter 21.74€/m²

Comfortable apartment in the heart of Budapest


Our freshly renovated pretty apartments on Elisabeth Avenue are ready for their first tenants! Be the next one who move in to these new shelters!

We divided the 130 m2 flat into 3 completely separated apartments (equipped with alarm system) that can be reached from a common entrance hall area. The house is located on the corner of Elisabeth avenue and Dob street, and the apartments can be found on the last (3rd) floor of the building. Elevator is at service. (This advertisement contains photos of only one of the 3 apartments.)

The apartment in the photos is a 23m2 one-room apartment, with the following areas: living room with kitchen, separated bathroom, split upper level for the bedroom area in the living room, that you can reach with a few stairs.

In the living room area, you can find a Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtube compatible television, but if you want to bring your own, that is ok too, of course.

In the kitchen area you can find a 2-side induction cooking hot-plate, a microwave and a fridge. 

300Mbit internet is provided with wifi. If you want cable television, you can subscribe at Vodafone. 

The bathroom is equipped with towel drier. Currently the washing machine is outside the apartment but still inside the flat, in a storage room that you can reach from the little common hallway that the flat has for the 3 apartments. We found this more comfortable as the washing machine doesn’t fit perfectly in the bathroom, but if you prefer to have your own, we can move it from the storage room inside the apartment.

As we love little animals too, we are okay if you bring yours until you take full financial responsibility for all the damage it may cause.

It is forbidden to smoke in the apartment.

The apartment has its own adjustable heating with radiators compared to a lot of apartments on the market which heatings are only possible with the air conditioner.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by the idea that flats that look onto the corridor area are always dark. The top floor location and some luck with the building’s angle makes this lovely little apartment very bright and easily filled with wonderful sunshine, yet providing you peace and quiet.

From the peaceful apartment building you can step out right to the busy Elisabeth avenue where you can find absolutely everything you’d need for your everydays. Cafes, shops, restaurants just steps away, just like the 4-6 tram’s Király street or Wesselényi street stops. But if you wish to visit the famous ruin pub area (Király street / Dob street), you can reach it in 5 minutes as well.

We offer a friendly rental construction as we don’t obligate you to rent the place for a year, both sides can annulate the rental contract with 2 months advanced announcement. But if you wish to have another construction we are open to discuss it. (We prefer 12/6 months contract or if you are on Erasmus, for the time of your scholarship.) 

With a 2-month advance and 1-month rental fee the apartment can be occupied from the 1st of September.

Overhead expenses (electricity, water, heating, internet, etc): approx. – but please note that this is the first time we lend the apartment, so this is an estimated number. We will calculate the expenses monthly.

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