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Experience in Budapest, Hungary by Réka

Published by Réka Csáti — 11 days ago

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What is it like to live in Budapest? Would you recommend it? What is the city like?

I was born and raised in Budapest, and I think it’s a great city. Sadly the politics are really bad nowadays in Hungary, but still it’s a great place. We have so much restaurants and bars and they are really cheap compared to Western European prices. On one side of the Danube you have a real city life with people and programs and everything and on the otherside it’s more calm, and there are so much nature, you can go to big parks, hike on the Gellért hill, it’s much greener, than the Pest side. There is this small island just in the heart of the city, there are no cars there so you can just go and enjoy the nature there. Also we have lots of baths in the whole country and lots of ruin bars, I think these are the most popular things for tourists. There are every year more, but still not too much tourists in the city, because I think Hungary is not so famous. Hungarian people can be mean to foreigners sadly, but once they get to know someone or just speak a little with them they are like the best hosts, we give everything and more to our guests.:)

What is the student lifestyle like in Budapest?

Yeah, it’s very cool, I love it. We are quite East, so we drink a lot, like reaaally a lot. In fact young Hungarian boys drink the most in Europe (or in the world idk). I don’t know if it’s a good think or not, but it says a lot. Hungarian student life is partylife, there are parties every week sometimes every day a week, and I can assure you, these are great parties. So if you come to Hungary be prepared to a lot of parties:)

How much does it cost to live in Budapest?

I think compared to Western and Southern countries it is cheap. Nowadays the accomodiation prices got higher, but food and programs are still cheap, and life in general is cheap I think. For example a cup of coffee in general costs around 2-3€ or a main course in a good restaurant is around 4-6€.

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Budapest? Is there any advice you can give?

I still live with my parents, so I don’t really have experience I can only tell what I saw from my friends. I think it’s not difficult to find accomodation, there are lot of apartements to rent, it’s harder to find a good place in a good neighbourhood for good price.

What is the food like? What are your favourite dishes?

I think Hungarian food is very unique, we have lots of dishes or ingredients that don’t even exists in other countries. First of all, traditional Hungarian kitchen is very fatty, it’s not the best place for diet:D the second most important thing is that we use paprika and paprika powder for everything, if you search for Hungarian dishes their color is almost the same because of paprika:) We have tejföl, which some say is sour cream, but it’s not the same and we eat it like americans eat ketchup. And also it goes with sweet and savory as well. We also use a lot of cottage cheese mostly for desserts and sweet stuff. We have a dish wich is from pasta, sour cream, cottage cheese and bacon, but not traditional bacon it’s also other here:D And I know it sounds disgusting, but don’t judge it until you tried it! We have a small snack called túró rudi, it’s cottage cheese stick covered with dark chocolate, and everybody looooves it. Most of our traditional main dishes contain either pork than chicken, it has historical reasons. Our wine is also great, I think is it just as good as in Italy or France, and the first oficial wine region was also in Hungary, so it really is good. Oh yes, and let’s not forget about pálinka. It’s also an alcohol, it’s made of fruits, but always from one type, like peach or plum. It’s very strong, much stronger than vodka or tequila and Hungarians are very proud of it.

What places would you recommend visiting in Budapest?

Okay, I can make a list here;
-the building of the Parliament
- Gellért Hill
- Gellért Bath
- Margharet Island
- Rudas Bath
- the Liberty bridge at sunset
- the Budapest Eye
- St. Stephen’s Basilica and the street in front of it
- Fashion Street
- the Buda Castle and the Fisherman’s Bastion
- the Chainbridge and the bank of the Danube
Omg there are soo many, but I can’t think of anything else now, but if someone is really curious he/she can write to me anytime, and I’ll tell everything I know:)

Is it good to eat out in Budapest? Can you tell us your favourite spots?

Oh yes, there are so many cool places here. My all time favourite is Balna Terrace, it also has a great view. I’ll make another list here;
- 360 skybar
- Piazza Budapest
- Smúz café
- Sugar Shop
- Anjuna icepops
- Madal coffee
- Vintage Garden
- Boy donut
- Bamba Marha Burgerbar
- Amber’s Bistro
- Zoo cafe
- Waffledog
- Anna café
- Leo Budapest
- Déryné Bistro
- Up n Down BP
- 26
- Budapest Baristas
- Zoska

Is the nightlife good in Budapest? Where is good to go?

I think nightlife here is famous. There are young toursist who are coming especially for nightlife in Budapest. There are countless bars and also many clubs with every kind of music, some of them are even free to enter. My favourite place to go dancing is Ötkert and Story, but I like R’n’B music. For concerts the best place is Budapest Park. For minimal and techno parties Liget and Rio are the best.

What advice would you give future students heading to Budapest?

I would say to them to be prepared for a looot of parties. And don’t take personal when a stranger is mean to you, sadly it happens often in Hungary. Also be prepared to eat all day, we really love our stomachs and we like to give food to people. They say Hungary is not Eastern Europe, but it has a lot of traits that are very Eastern-European.:) I don’t know I think it’s a great country with so much unexploited options.

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