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First day in Budapest

31th August.

I have just arrived in Budapest, it’s 11 pm. I'm quite tired after the flight but I didn't go to sleep immediately. I was very excited. I took the taxi from the airport (probably not the best option; in fact I paid 28 €). You can also take the bus or metro (best option and cheapest - just 2 €) or take a shuttle.

The city seems nice. There are many foreigners - the taxi driver said. But everything is cheap, I think. I was very hungry, so I went to take a kebab and I paid only 3 €!


I had booked in the Full Moon Hostel. It is in Jaszai Mari ter. It is really nice, everything is new. The hostel is close to one of the best pub in Budapest, the Morrison's 2. There are parties almost every day. Because of emotions, it was quite difficult to sleep, but the first day was amazing - I met a lot of people from a lot of countries. I have never been in a hostel before and I don't know why. It's the best if you travel alone and you don't want to pay a lot. A night here costs around 11 €, so it's not so much, and you can also enter at Morrison's 2 for free.

However, the language is very difficult and it’s not very easy to get used to use their currency.

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