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Erasmus experience in Bucharest, Romania by Johanne

Why did you choose to go to Bucharest, Romania?

I didn't really choose this city, it was rather my internship which chose me haha but I was curious to discover a country that I don't know, and learn a new culture. And especially to understand why people have preconceptions, stereotypes about this country.. so therefore, I left on an adventure.

Erasmus experience in Bucharest, Romania by Johanne


How long is your stay? How much aid do you receive?

It lasted a little over 4 months, and I received € 300 per month from Erasmus support.

How is the student atmosphere in Bucharest?

The atmosphere is great, the erasmus network is a great way to create contacts quickly and above all to party.

Would you recommend the city and University of Bucharest to other students?

Yes, 100% I recommend it, I had a superb experience there, and I also had trouble returning to France.

Although the architecture is not that great, the people are warm and welcoming. And little anecdote, they will always try to give you a few words in French if you tell them that you are haha.

What is the food like in this country?

The food as a whole is rich with many different flavours, not too many spices but a lot of meat, which caused me some concern.. but I still found happiness there.

And some specialties are just to die for!

Did you have difficulty finding accommodation in Bucharest?

I used Facebook group to find accommodation, it was not easy especially for my period (April-August). And then on site contacts can also be an opportunity to find a few things.

Erasmus experience in Bucharest, Romania by Johanne


What is the cost of living in Bucharest?

The cost of living is very low, especially for those who chose to carry Euros.

You can easily enjoy Bucharest and its surroundings while staying at reasonable prices.

How are you learning the language? Have you been to language courses organised by the university?

No, I learned Romanian by myself (I bought myself a small basic phrasebook), and then I would practice by talking with my Romanian colleagues.

What is the most eco-efficient way to get to Bucharest from your city?

By plane.

What places would you recommend for nightlife in Bucharest?

Control club, Revenge bar, Silver church.

And any recommendations on places to eat in Bucharest? What are your favorite places?

Luca's! Dinner kebab, Cara cu bere.

What cultural visits do you recommend?

Kitsch museum, natural history museum, contemporary art museum, and trips to cities such as Sinaia, Cluj, Constanta, Brasov, Bran...

Any advice for future students in Bucharest?

If you get the opportunity, just go for it!

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