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Brussels City

Published by Jan Migenda — 2 years ago

Blog: Beautiful Brussels
Tags: Erasmus blog Brussels, Brussels, Belgium

The capital of Belgium is known for being the main seat of the EU and NATO ... and it is famous for its tasty waffles! A famous attraction which is not on these photos is the Mannekenpis, a statue of a boy taking a pee.

Brussels City

The grey skyline of high skyscrapers shows you the might of the central institutions.

Brussels City

A gothic church shows you that however Brussels has had a long history stretching back into the Middle Ages.

Brussels City

This statue shows Miguel de Cervantes' knight Don Quijote and his farmer-servant Sancho Pansa ... the knight is a symbol for trying to conserve old values in changing times.

Brussels City

Lastly, current political issues find their way into everyday life in the city: A graffito says "System change, not climate change." Let's see what we all will do in the next few years ...

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