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Wine tasting and sightseeing in Mikulov

Published by Zuzana Hera — 4 years ago

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We invite you for an unforgettable experience in Mikulov!


Sightseeing tour of historical attractions, finding interesting facts about wine and its elaboration, tasting 8 wine samples and eating delicious food typical for Moravian region.

What IS included and what to enjoy?

1. The best of Mikulov with professional instructor in 1'5-2 hours. You will see: historic square, castle park, castle exposition with giant barrel and ancient wine press, Jewish neighborhood...

2. We will say goodbye to the instructor and turn to Kozí Hrádek (Goats´s castle) direction. This belongs to one of three Mikulov prominent landmarks. It became beautiful and accessible relaxing point.

3. After walk will come in handy a refreshment. A sommelier will already wait for us in a wine bar and will present you 8-10 wine samples within 2 hours.

4. Meanwhile you can eat the best we have in Moravia:

Appetizer: homemade crackling spread or homemade liver pâté, bread

Rosemary roasted pork neck with mashed potato and roasted spinach. (Possible vegetarian alternative)


What else:

  • Platters with smoked meat products (sausages, headcheese) and cheese (Gouda, blue cheese, filled camembert)
  • Dried fruit and bread. Average weight of smoked products and cheese per person is 200g.
  • Homemade potato pancake
  • Water, coffee
  • Free consumption of wine (18:00-02:00)
  • Accommodation
  • What is NOT included?

  • Transport to and from Mikulov
  • Bonus from us: tips for more activities in Mikulov. All in English!
  • Price for the instructor, sommelier, great food and drinks, accommodation is 1499 Kč (56 euros)
  • The accommodation is a guest house which is rented only for our clients. In one room will be 4 people. If you want to arrange the accommondation by ourselves, It is possible. The price would be adjusted.

    Minimum number of people : 20

    Register here.


    12:10 Bratislava – Břeclav- 13:31 – Mikulov na Moravě 13:57

    12:31 Brno – Mikulov u parku 13:36

    11:09 Wien Hbf –Břeclav - 13:31 – Mikulov 13:57

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