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Joaquin's Erasmus Experience en Brno, Czech Republic

Why did you choose to go to Brno, Czech Republic?

Because of its location in the centre of Europe which would allow me to travel.


How long did your scholarship last?

9 months.

How is the student atmosphere in Brno?

Perfect, it's a student city, but it's harder to see students around the winter due to the climate.

Would you recommend the city and the university of Brno to other students?

The city I would recommend, it's well connected with trams and night buses. With Student Agency you can travel to loads of cities in Central Europe. It's a quiet city with lots of options in your free time.

The university I would NOT AT ALL recommend, it's a complete chaos of classes, practical tasks, and exams. The professors give you no warning of anything, and you have to work out for yourself practically daily where the exams are going to be. They hardly give out any notes, and they don't have an online learning platform either. The system is in complete disarray, and so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. They also don't make any allowances for Erasmus students.

How is the food in the Czech Republic?

It's not too bad, but it's not the best cuisine ever.

Was it hard to find accomodation in Brno?

No, the university searched for my accommodation.

How much were living costs in Brno?

450 euros per month (with travel and parties).

How was the language? Did you take any courses through the university?

I did everything in English. Czech was impossible.

What is the cheapest way to get to Brno from your city?

Flying to Vienna, Prague or Poland.

Where would you recommend for partying in Brno?

TwoFaces, Mandarin and Metro.


How about food in Brno? Could you tell us your favourite places to go?

Charlie's Square.

How is the cultural side of the city?

You can see the whole city in a morning.

Any advice you would like to give to future students in Brno?



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