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Erasmus blog Brighton

  • 10 things to do in Brighton

    Brighton is a city that ticks all my boxes: it’s by the sea, it’s full of character, and it’s got a wonderfully liberal and cosmopolitan feel to it. Packed with things to do and sights to see, it’s the perfect holiday destination for beach lovers and culture...

    0 by Madeline, 12 days ago
  • Language course in Brighton

    Studying foreign languages; Brighton Why did you choose to go to Brighton, England? So, I must admit that Brighton was not my first choice, as Javier (the friend who I went with) and I had been looking at the same one-month course in Bournemouth instead. We knew for...

    0 by Daniela, 2 years ago
  • Are these stairs familiar to you?

    Guess in what movie they appear and where they are...

    0 by Nuria, 8 years ago
  • Thanx

    These days I'm always saying thank u. Almost remembering and living at the same time. How can I do that? It's just because I'm that way. It's my way to say I love u, I worth u... Wanna keep living but this moment of happiness is unrepetiable. I can still life...

    0 by Nuria, 8 years ago
  • The begining

    Two months before the arriving date my host university have fixed, I still didn’t know whether I was going or not because I couldn’t rely on the support of my parents… I wasn’t a particularly a smart student but I’d always managed to get through the subjects...

    0 by Nuria, 8 years ago
  • In love with life! This song is gonna live with me those days I’m in love with live. Don’t need any other thing but my friends or my family to share my happiness with! These days in which you wake up simply being happy are great! This song makes me see myself...

    0 by Nuria, 8 years ago
  • I just had...

    Today I have two songs to share with u: Yes, they sound like really explicit songs. They are actually that. But anyway as I said in my other blog, now I feel better with myself and that's reflected in every aspect of my...

    0 by Nuria, 8 years ago
  • Not a secret I don’t wanna be another one. Not the secret one. I wanna get to your heart cuz you can’t deny you’ve blown my mind. When I'd touched your body, I felt like loosing control. And now you are gone. I can’t do anything but waiting. It’s the...

    3 by Nuria, 8 years ago
  • Want to feel free!

    Many students who go for a year abroad, have lived by themselves for a long time but there still people that haven't and this is the first time they live without parents. In both situations there's a change cos I can tell that you feel more freedom whatever your...

    0 by Nuria, 8 years ago
  • Welcome!

    It was written in the stars, we will meet each other... We have had great times in Oceana every Wednesday (or almost). Here is the song that most reminds me to you, my family.

    3 by Nuria, 8 years ago

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