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Erasmus experience in Bochum, Germany

Why did you choose to go to Bochum in Germany?

Due to the DAAD program.

How long is your stay? How much monetary aid do you receive?

6 months, DAAD grant.


What is the student atmosphere like in Bochum?

It is a student city and very dynamic. There are lots of international students and lots of student bars in the city.

Would you recommend the city and the University of Bochum to other students?


What is the food like there?

The keyword is Currywurst and is not expensive. There has also been kebab in Bochum since 2008!


How did you find your accommodation?

The university suggested it. It's very clean and not very expensive (€200). It is also not far away from the metro, which takes you to the center in 10 minutes. The university is in the vicinity. The only problem is that it is very close to a forest (Laerholzstraße 80).

What is the rent like? And prices in general?

It is possible to find go private and somewhere to live for cheap, but watch out for which district you choose!

What is learning the language like? Did the university organise language courses?

There are very few French courses and lots of German ones. The local accent is not very noticeable (das=dat; was=dat; nicht=net; te=du).

What is the cheapest way to get to Bochum from your hometown?

By train, Thalys via Belgium. It is doable by car but try to avoid this as the semester ticket is very beneficial.

Where would you recommend going to party in Bochum?

Bermuda Dreieck, even though it is expensive. Otherwise, I would recommend the Hardys (not very far from Laerholzstraße 80).


And for food in Bochum? What are your favourite spots?

Snack Belge in the Bermuda Dreieck.

And what cultural sights would you recommend?

Cologne, Aachen, Münster, Venlö, Dortmund, Essen. Everything is so close and accessible by train. It is also free with the Semesterticket (the ticket costs €250 and allows you to travel throughout the whole Bundesland [federal state] for free).

Any tips for future students in Bochum?

The city can seem gray and not very aesthetic at first, but this is what gives it its Ruhr charm. There are green spots nearby.

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