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Why You Should Be Using The Evernote App – Review

Published by Freddy Walsh — 17 days ago

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The Evernote App took a long time to catch on and the people behind Evernote almost went bust, but managed to scrape by until revenues started to flow. Thankfully, Android, Apple and Windows users alike can now benefit from all that Evernote has to offer with its unusual note taking abilities.

Evernote comes in several flavours. There are desktop versions for Windows and Mac. An online app lets Evernote users access their notepads from anywhere. Lastly, Evernote has an app as random video chat for Android, iPhone, iPod touch and the two types of iPads.

Introduction to Evernote

With Evernote, you sign up for a free account and then set out to create your own set of notebooks. You initially get just the one. Each note can contain rich text (with links, bullet points and the like), pictures, a list of things that you like or linked content from any web page on the Internet. A note can act as a random collection of thoughts, a list of To Do items, or a shopping list or Wish List complete with links to where you can buy the products.

Digitizing Your Content

Instead of keeping around lots of old newspaper clippings, brochures, and other items that you will rarely review but need to keep a copy of, by photographing this content and adding it to a notebook on Evernote, this content can be easily categorised for easy retrieval later. The print on the page would fade in time, but it will always be easily accessible once scanned into Evernote, across all platforms that Evernote has a presence.

Plan A Trip

With Evernote, it is easier than ever to plan a trip around the world or an extensive trip to Florence and Venice when flying out to Italy! Neatly bring together flight, hotel and attraction information in one place. Set up sections for each planned day and include the activities there that you want to participate in. This information is then downloaded across all your devices and can be accessed on your smartphone or tablet while on vacation.

Sharing Notes

It is possible to decide which notes you wish to share with work colleagues and which are private and to keep the two separate. Colleagues across departments can use Evernote to collaborate on a new project with different employees able to pull in their own ideas from web site research using the Evernote Web Clipper to grab a snapshot of what they found. This is also useful for school and college educational activities where there are class projects that require collaboration with several students.

A Place For Everything & Everything In Its Place

Never forget another thing again because you wrote it down somewhere but now cannot find the note. Or you just cannot remember. The human brain can only remember so many things at once and as you get older, long term memory isn’t what it used to be. Better to keep the information stored in an organised, easy to categorize manner for trouble-free access later. Try Evernote and see how useful it is.

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