Why I love traveling by Plane.

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It happened many times that people told me that they do not like traveling by plane. Now, what is there not to like? According to them, it is just scary to be so up high in the sky and it could be dangerous. Some of them tell me that it is even boring to stay in an airplane for hours, that is where I come in and explain why I love traveling by plane instead.

You Might Meet People.

You might. Maybe you are getting close to walk through the metal detector and start chatting with the person behind or in front of you, or maybe you are in line at the gate and start talking to the people around you. There is even a chance that you are not going to talk to anyone but just the idea of being around so many people makes you feel like you are not alone. I actually enjoy seeing people running here and there, it makes me wonder where they are headed and why. If you travel by car you do not meet anyone, and you might get stuck in traffic which is going to delay your trip.

Airports Offer Anything You Might Need.

Maybe you forgot to buy something for your upcoming trip, or maybe you are getting hungry. You have two hours before boarding so you have all the time to just walk around the duty-free or maybe some restaurants to grab something to eat, and still catch your plane on time, whereas if you travel by car you need to stop at the first gas station and waste precious time buying the things you need.

Things To Do On Board.

Some airplane has Wi-Fi on board but you have to pay for it, or in the worst scenario, there just is not an internet connection. But do not worry because for long travels trips airlines provide entertainment on board, which include music, tv series, and movies. You can also bring a book with you so you can read, or maybe just download some games on your phone. You can take a nap. In fact, usually, you can find blankets and pillows on your seat ready to be used. If you want to stand up you can walk and maybe use the lavatory, so you can stretch and refresh yourself. You can not do a bunch of these things if you travel by car. If you want to use the restroom, you need to stop at a gas station. If I read or watch a movie I normally get nausea. I can only check my phone, but not for long, and try to sleep even if I fail most of the time because sometimes the drive is not smooth.

Why I love traveling by Plane.


Easy To Do.

It is just easier to do. Once you check your bag you are stress-free and can just relax. Once you are on board you can relax. There is air conditioning on board so I do not normally sweat, whereas I do in the car during the summer. If the plane is not delayed, you get to your destination on time. If you travel by car you never know if you will get stuck in traffic or not. And traveling by car is actually more dangerous than traveling by airplane because a lot of people do not drive carefully and get involved in car accidents, which are the ones that create all the congestion.

Why I love traveling by Plane.


I hope these simple steps convinced you that the easiest way to travel is by plane, and I know that this does not apply for every trip, but for most of them it does. Of course, if you have to drive only two hours you are not going to take an airplane, but it is worth it when you would have to drive long distances. Share this post with your friends who are afraid or do not like to travel by airplane and see if they change their minds.

- Cristian

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