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Tomorrow is the day!

Hello everyone!

Nice that you take a look at my blog to read about my experiences during my time in Sweden. I hope to share a lot of nice things with you and this is also a nice way for me to read about all of the things that happened. Have fun reading!

Tomorrow is the day: I am leaving for 5 months to Vasteras, Sweden to follow three courses at the Malardalen University. During the beginning of the second year, I already thought about completing my minor by studying abroad. After some information meetings, it became clear that this was something for me. Not only because it really fun and you experience a lot of exciting things, but also because it is good to develop myself. During the second study year, you are busy to prepare your stay. Fill in forms, arrange housing, apply for a scholarship, arrange plane tickets and so on. Now that this is handled, the experience can finally start!

The past few weeks I have been busy with packing my suitcase because who knows me knows that I like clothing and shoes! Yesterday, I managed to fit the last things into my 2 suitcases, and I must say I am proud. I am only bringing 4 pairs of shoes, 5 jeans, 3 trousers, some sweaters en t-shirts, and also a complete bedding package. De suitcases may weight just 0. 5kg under the maximum weight, but then you have quite something.

Tomorrow is the day!

Tonight I am going to sleep in a hotel close to Schiphol with my parents and my sister because we do not want to come late because of traffic/holiday crowds or want to stress much: so that is already really nice. So tomorrow, I only need to get dressed and have breakfast and then go to Schiphol. My flight goes at 11:00 and then at 13:05 I land in Stockholm Arlanda! From there with a touring bus to the central station from Vasteras and then another 5 minutes with a local bus. After that I am finally pick up my keys and see my room. I am very curious and I keep you updated...


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