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Published by Nicola S — 7 years ago

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In the beginning, Facebook was the only social network website that you knew. You were so excited when you had your first Facebook account that you began to find old friends, to get acquainted with new people, and—the most important of all—to upload your photos and to see the photos of all friends whom you knew. You were a photo lover who spent most of your time when you were online to see all of your friends’ photos.

Then, new social network websites were popping out. You didn't really care about them because all that you wanted was an online social network website that allowed you to take care of photos. As a website with powerful photo sharing function, Facebook had given its best for you. However, you accidentally stumbled upon Instagram and you saw that this real online photo sharing website had much better features than those of Facebook. You then enthusiastically made a new Instagram account to store your photos and to see your friends’ photos. Unfortunately, you eventually started to see one big problem: not all of your Facebook friends have Instagram account, so you had to switch between Instagram and Facebook to see all photos uploaded on each website.

This will not be a big problem anymore if you have a Facegram. io account. This website is a Facebook and Instagram web viewer that allows you not only to see the photos of your Facebook and Instagram friends, but also to give your likes to those photos. Better yet, this website also allows you to give your comments on all of those photos. If you want to search for specific photos on both social network websites, you can use this website’s advanced search engine, which allows you to use multiple tags.

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