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Two phd programs in theology are offered by the University of Notre Dame and Fuller Theological Seminary. These programs can prepare anyone wanting a doctoral level degree in the area of theology and religion with a firm foundation for teaching and research.

The PhD in Theology Programs

If you have already completed a Master’s degree in Theology, stop and consider completing a PH.D in Theology degree. Some of the top universities offer this accredited degree nationally. The programs can be quite intense, with research and a dissertation needed to complete the degree requirements. These programs are great for anyone who would like to pursue religious or theological studies at a doctoral level. Two popular phd programs in theology include University of Notre Dame and Fuller Theological Seminary.

The University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame is located in Notre Dame, Indiana. It is a program that is geared towards someone of any religion. The purpose of the program administered by the Department of Theology is to give students a basis to have a firm grounding in church ministry, religious teaching, or research. The programs also prepares the students for ministry work in Latin American and African countries. There are several areas that the student can concentrate on: Systematic Theology, World Religions & World Church, Christian Ethics, Christianity & Judaism, Liturgical Studies, and Christian History. Full Graduate Fellowships and stipend are available to the value of $17,000.

The full-time student PhD program by the University of Notre Dame consists of 42 credit hours. The degree does require the completion of a dissertation on a current topic within the area of concentration the student has chosen. Most students will take 4-5 years to complete the degree. At least 2 of these years, the student must be resident and attend classes. Seven candidacy examinations must be passed after the 2 years in residence.

Admissions to phd programs in theology consist of having a Bachelor’s, Master’s degree and submitting an application by January 2nd. There is only one intake during the Fall semester. Official transcripts and a copy of the GRE scores must be sent with the application. The GRE scores accepted by the university vary depending on when the person tested. Those testing after 2002, should have a cumulative score of 1200 and a 4.5 analytical score.

Fuller Theological Seminary

Fuller Theological Seminary offers a Ph.D. in Theology. This program is administered by the Center for Advanced Theological Studies School of Theology. Fuller Theological Seminary is an unique place to study because it only offers graduate degrees. The main campus for the seminary is in Pasadena, California. It is a highly recognized seminary that also awards Master’s degree in Theology.

The full-time Ph.D. in Theology involves a two-stage process for completion of the degree. The first stage is completion of 42 credit hours of classroom seminars and assigned readings. The student must then pass 4 examinations at the end of this stage. After passes are received, the student is now called a Ph.D. candidate. This second stage process consists of 30 more credit hours of seminars and readings for completion of the dissertation.

Students usually complete this degree between four to six years. The tuition fee is currently $690 per unit at the PhD level.

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