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My Different life

Published by José s m — 17 days ago

Blog: A different life
Tags: General

Hi guys, Before i was thinking for a little bit of time, i think i know how my life would be if i was living in london.

-The first of all,what would i be studying? I am clear that I would study business because that's my ‘’passion’’. And I think I would study it at the London Business School, because it is one of the most prestigious schools in England.

-Why London? Well, that's a good question, and the answer is that I want to learn english, and apart from that, I have friends in England,  and I really like the architecture and the history behind the city. Especially, I love the Britannic Museum, The Big Ben and so many other places in the city.

-who was going to live with me? I think no- one, because I like to be alone, and I think I would make better use of my time that way, because if I want to be with someone I already have friends to go out with, and when I want to be alone it would be much easier for me.

-If I know some people there? Yes, of course...I know at least 12 people, and I'm sure I would make several new friends, both in and out of school.

Thanks for reading.

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