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How to send a postcard


Today I am recounting the day that I sent a postcard home from where I am living for Erasmus.

The truth is, I sent it during my Erasmus stay but when I was travelling to Budapest, and not in Hasslet, which is where I am living this year...

When I bought the postcard I didn't realise that they also need stamps to reach their destination... hahaha. And it turns out that if you go to a post office to get stamps... they usually don't have any, isn't that stupid!?

So, I returned to Hasselt having not been able to send the postcard... and it was a few days before I found a place that sold stamps, in a supermarket, in Spar.

But then I reached another problem, not all countries need the same stamps, they have different values so that they will reach their destination, so s I didn't know how many I needed for it to get to Spain I just put two stamps and that was it...

The letterbox to send letters is in the square where they have the market, where most the bars are here in Hasselt.

And surprisingly, after many setbacks, the postcard arrived hahaha.

And when it arrived, my mother was amazed because I had addressed it to my sister and she said that she didn't understand anything that I had put! Haha I had written it in English to make it more exciting hahaha

I guess I'll send more postcards so I will let you know... the truth is I don't send letters because Skype allows sufficient communication.

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